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  1. Excellent mod, been using your Caucasus Tree mod for ages and that is excellent as well, many thanks.
  2. BvS10 (?) - I got the first 2 BV202's to come into regular service in the RM way back in the early 1970's - we never found anything as good and operated them in the Arctic right through the 1970-80's, upgrading to the Bv206 in the late 1980's. My Troop used them in the Falklands in 1982. The RMASG were operating the BvS10 Viking until recently, not sure what they are going to replace them with, given the sudden interest in The Northern Flank again more BV's I hope. Really looking forward to this Mod.
  3. It is a separate Mod, completely separate from my Buildings Mod. I will check it all works in 2.7 as I did with the buildings Mod before I release it and it will be in a very similar format, so converting it to JSGME or OvGME should be a simple process for you guys. I found a couple more vehicles I forgot to add to the images, SA2 trailer for the TZ and some odd things like a BTR and a Tigr which I had to remove from original maps. I also just noticed there is a brand new Laz 695 bus in game, a new edm, might do a few more liveries for that as well.
  4. I mentioned I also have a HUGE "eye candy" vehicles mod made in a similar way - mostly ED models that I have removed from the game maps where they were placed and could not be moved or covered over, so I had to get them back into the game by creating static versions of them so that I could place them where I wanted them and not where the map dictated. In the process I also added new liveries for some of them. The whole purpose of the mod was to get all the vehicles I wanted to add to my maps of airfields in one place in the drop downs and not have to go trawling all over the ME to find them ... and in doing that I also added all the vehicles from other peoples Mods as well - the mod went from LARGE to IMMENSE very quickly as you can imagine !! Clearly I cant pass all of this stuff on to you, they are not mine to pass on. Here are some images of what is in there, I still need to confirm that I can pass some of these on and when I have done that I will update the Mad and you can have it, warts and all. That will take a while, I cannot remember where some of this stuff came from and whilst I think its all legal I need to make as sure as I can, I'm not planning to piss anyone off !!!
  5. That last building is one done by Hawkeye a long time ago, it was amongst several other models that I didnt use and there were issues with it in 2.7 which I had to resolve by changes to the texture files - I missed one out when I updated the file - here it is. I will add it to the Mod, thanks. Al_Arab_SAS_srvc.dds
  6. Here is the link to it: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3321755/
  7. Admiral - The black hull line at the back of the Sacramento - is it meant to rise upwards out of the water like that. All the images I see have it parallel with the sea level.
  8. Okay, it's done. I removed some vehicle type items from it to allow it to fit into the upload site. Most of the buildings I have done have new roofs, and a few of them are red in colour. The texture files are all in there, you can paint them any colour you want. I also have a huge Static Vehicles MOD made in a very similar way, mainly ED vehicles that are not in the drop downs (or were not at the time when I did it years ago now !!) plus a few others that I have acquired over the years - all repainted or tarted up in some way, with liveries etc. I may sort that out at some time and post that as well.
  9. These are just bog standard ED models, from the core game, nothing much that's new or exciting. All this Mod does is let you place them in game with new paint jobs, something you could not do before. Perhaps this is not what people were expecting, or wanting. ? Sorry to have wasted your time guys.
  10. Lots of possibilities, hard to tell without the full Mod to look at in game, however: The fact that you can place them and see them in the ME suggests it might be a texture issue, possibly Make sure the path to the textures is correct, and the textures are correctly named according to the edm.
  11. Yep ! There will be a slight delay - the file was too damn big for the upload so I will have to trim the textures down a bit. A day at most.
  12. I have just uploaded my old ED static buildings Mod V2 to the site, should appear in a day or two. Mainly ED buildings that are not in the drop downs, repainted, tarted up and generally given some tlc. They are just eye candy.
  13. I have been thinking about redoing that for a while, its a huge monster of many other peoples mods currently so a sort out and reissue might be in order. I have kept improving my updates of the ED textures as the years rolled on and that needs sorting out as well - You talked me into it !!! It will take me a while but I will look at it again and post a complete update on the forums. I feel sure Hawkeye wont mind if I include all the stuff he and I added to the objects over those years, they form an integral part of all of my scenery updates. End on Hijack Greg, sorry !!! PS: Love this Mod, especially the Osiris buildings, that is really good.
  14. If you would prefer a version without the Iraq "graffiti" use this texture file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0zjly88oiemd43/Osiris_Reactor.zip?dl=0
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