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  1. Can't wait to fly this beauty, awesome work !! Is so marvelous
  2. Hi everybody, What a great work ! The T-45C looks amazing, really looking forward this beautiful bird ! Someone know what kind of RNAV we'll have ? CLIS, VOR, ADF, ILS, DME ? Thanks in advance for your answers and keep this great work, I'm sure this bird we'll be amazing !
  3. Yes I realized after posting that the subject could interest more than the F-16 pilot. Didn't think about it before, sorry. Thanks for the answer
  4. Hi Folks, Am I the only pilot to struggle with the PDL light under the tanker ? Seem very difficult to me to see correctly the lights, especially in day time. So that just a proposition but will some people interest in an overlay of the PDL light in the same way as the supercarrier IFLOS overlay ? Thanks in advance for your feedback. P.S : I don't own vr so maybe that not the same feeling with the VR pilots ? Don't know.
  5. Same problem for me, the glide is to low. Can't follow him, he just lead me under the carrier deck at 5 miles before.
  6. Hi Folks, I want to begin with all my compliments. You did a pretty good job on I-16. You succeeded to make me love this plane and this is not the simple part thrust me. I noticed one thing that can help you for the future. There are sync bug with the landing on multiplayer server. I tried the I-16 with some friends and we noticed than when we had the landing gear fully up all the others players saw him fully down. Hope it will help you. Thanks for this wonderfull module, keep the great job.
  7. Hi Lock-Os, I tried several time until I'm able to do the startup pretty well. SO what I learned ? The first thing I learned is ; The I-16 is really, really, really whimsical. One thing seem important, the primer, 5 primer is enought. More, you risk drowning the carburator, less you do not have enought fuel. And the second important thing, maybe will show you idiot, follow the startup checklist letter by letter. And to boost you a little bit, I never suceed on the first try, I must always try to start the engine two or three times. So don't give up. Fly safe.
  8. Ok, I did not think about that. Thanks a lot for your informations.
  9. I totally understand that, but if they put the TPOD on those pylon IRL is that it can. So why we can't do the same things. With good trim apply I think we can land easily (Short landing, conventionnal...) maybe not in VL but all missions not finish on carrier manoeuvers.
  10. Hi folk's, Why we can't put the TPOD on sixth and second pylon on the AV-8B. I saw many video and pic of the Harrier with the TPOD on this location with the fuel tank. This location decrease the blind spot due to the Tanks. Will be very cool if we can put the TPOD on those pylons. Thanks you in advance for your anwsers
  11. What a great job. Just a question : Someone Know how D704 refueling pod works ?
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