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  1. Not to worry, you had me at hello. I'll be back in the states in a few weeks and it's on. Ironically not long ago by happenstance I had the original spiral bound F4 manual in my hands as I was sorting some stuff out in the flight sim pile. I really enjoyed that one...
  2. By the time I master the Hornet it will be 5 bucks and my phone will be able to get 100 fps running it! O_o Kidding aside I was kinda head in sand on this one and didn't realize it was even on pre-order until I saw footage show up on YouTube. Kicking myself now...
  3. You are putting the selector in the mode you are programming when you program it? In other words program all mode 1 commands with the selector in mode 1, mode 2 with the selector in mode 2, etc.
  4. Same on the panel, I'm completely converted over to VR and don't use one anymore. IMO you should have pricing that offers the bunch at a discount but also has separate pricing per piece. Something to keep in mind is that if the product is good getting anything into a simmers hands is going to be good because you've just given what amounts to cocaine to an addict. They'll be back for more.
  5. Personally I love the newer MX master series. I get weeks out of a charge unlike the Razers I've had which needed to be plugged back in every time you finished a session. I like being free from the need to carry batteries when I travel or worse, try to find batteries in small city in a foreign country. Love the extra buttons in both work and play. I have a newer one I bought about a year ago to replace the first one. That one was still working fine but I was nervous about it's age so I gave it to one of my kids. Turns out it's still running. So what does this have to do with high prices on EOL products. In my opinion you can get a better mouse now and I've owned the subject of this scrutiny. Also, at first I was thinking size when I read high. Then I thought, maybe the mouse is acting erratically. Then I thought I would click in and see just exactly what was going on with this high mouse situation. :)
  6. I think you'll find the forum admins and mods helpful. Another alternative is to ask them to close one of the threads; the same content is largely on both leaving you little to lose.
  7. Yes, there was never a reason to start another thread until you had a selling product. You can ask the forum moderators to assist you in the task of merging your current threads. IMO the way to go would be to merge the existing threads and keep on thread until you are ready for sales. At that point start a new thread with final specs, pictures, and purchasing information. you can then use that thread for new purchasers to ask questions and for owners of your product to ask questions, make bug reports, and inevitably, make requests for software revisions.
  8. I think it's foolish to consider the old guys with discretionary income a weak market because the demographic is increasing by the day. I had pong when it first came out so I suppose I was in somewhere near the ground floor insofar as electronic gaming. Eventually I had kids. Now they've had kids a few of which are getting old enough to game themselves. My kids are getting to where they have some discretionary money themselves nowadays so you've got 2 generations with some buying power and that second one may be small now but it's going to be growing massively in the not too distant future. But whatever, someone will make and sell what I want and I've no love for the intelligence suck that is Facebook so I've no problem not sending any money their way.
  9. We're having fun again WINWING. I've traveled extensively and I suspect you would have a good laugh if the same were said in your own language. I'm truly sorry you cant enjoy these things with us even though they are a non sequitur. Meanwhile, try and relax. We want you to make this product and we want to buy it if it is indeed worth buying. You have nothing to fear, you are among a community of people who live and breath this hobby. If you would be willing to take a suggestion... Use a translator; you are missing a lot of what we're saying and the context in which it is being said. I think you may not have access to google but there are others which are less effective but still work. Please understand I mean no disrespect with this suggestion.
  10. True story, that. lol I've been operating under the forgiveness afterwards paradigm for quite some time now as I was never able to get the permission first system to work properly. :D
  11. While you're at it can you design a seat with mounts for stick, throttle, and a platform that moves up, down, forward, and back in relation to the seat to mount our pedals on? Modular in most respects including screen mounts so folks could run VR, track IR, or plain ol screen like they did back in 2016. Extra credit for motion seat... :) Course then I'd have to figure out how to hide the costs or deal with Mrs Crab wandering by Louis Vuitton in a revenge spend. Sigh... O_o
  12. You may want to consider reading up on what can be done with the software, you're going to give up on some capability without it. I ALT/Tab to the desktop and change profiles all the time and turn around and tab right back in. I also develop the profiles in game and adjust them by ALT/Tabbing, something like 10, 20, or even more profile changes in the same flight as I add or change key assignments. I do the same with Target and don't have any problem with ALT/Tabbing with it either.
  13. Same for me, I sometimes forget that jokes often don't translate well and those were rather free form. I do know better, Mrs Crab hails from Russia and I've certainly ran into it before. Outside of the kidding around I'm sure he understands the question about the timing, it's come up enough in the thread and translators are quite powerful nowadays. I'm going to operate under the assumption he's not ready to give even a general time frame yet.
  14. This is completely different from Virpil and VKB, you never had to wait with those guys... *facepalm* :) More seriously though, if you could, what is your time-frame WINWING? Are we talking about 3 months, 6 months, the half-life of Cesium?
  15. Haven't seen the movie since it came out but as best as I can remember... You had me at hello. I have to be honest though, this community has seen a lot of broken promises and missed ship dates and I've tasted the pain myself. Speaking personally I'd much rather hear realistic estimates or nothing at all if there is no known realistic estimate.This isn't a call out and I understand new products can face various problems that have to be sorted out. I'd just like to feel like the outfit I'm buying from is giving me the simple respect of honesty. A few questions: Do you have shopping methods sorted out and if so what are they? Same with payments; is anything set up and if so, what?
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