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  1. Press Ctrl-V but nothing shows up. Unable to use Petrovych.
  2. I reconnected my joystick today and the issue seemed to have fixed itself. I did manually try to set the thrust axis yesterday. I guess reconnecting the device finally made the change register.
  3. Came back to DCS after quite some months. My thrust axis control row is highlighted red and my throttle wont work. It works fine for other modules. had to use keyboard +- for throttle. Any idea?
  4. Last I flew it, it was the easiest modern jet to learn and fly. Very simple powerful system. Running on the latest Huawei OS. Comes with an MP3 player. Airbuds and charger not included.
  5. Rudel made those missions.i hope he sees this.
  6. Somebody wake me up when Jeff is stable and not changing anymore and the manual is out.
  7. Your video doesn't work for me. Try hitting with Jeff a plane that has a proper dmg model. Am not surprised by anything that involves an F16. In my spare time I enjoy ramming each engine one by one off an IL-76 with my f16. Naturally no dmg to me.
  8. I for one don't care at all whether the BRMs spin properly. They're so small and fast that the effect isnt noticeable. If much prefer that they work more like small laser mavericks until ED implements the proper regime.
  9. I have the STBY sight bound to my hotas. When I'm in a position to shoot I just switch to it and then back as needed.
  10. Literally a thread on this yesterday. Find that. Delete this.
  11. Wasted opportunity. Shoulda written AIM120D on it instead.
  12. What about laser mavericks? Nobody cares if brm spin
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