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  1. @Viper1970 i think you didnt quite get my point. My point was that it might be a valid reason NOW / at this point in time to delay development items that will drastically change the core of DCS and therefore will require a lot of extra work when the major changes to the DCS core are done.
  2. I think there might be a valid reason behind Razbam delaying the systems development for their aircraft, simply because in the next few months there will be massive changes to the DCS core which means that they might have to redo a lot of the work they have done for the current version of DCS in a few months again (think of 2.7 update, VulkanAPI, etc..). So might be that they are staging the modules as much as they can for release and then when the major changes are in, they will put that effort in. Just an idea
  3. Looking fantastic! Cant wait to go for a spin the Bo!
  4. I would sooo love to be able to fly the tanker version aswell, it would be a load of fun. Get some fuel to the front line fighters, refill at a tanker further back and shuffle more fuel to the frontline before heading back to the boat. Sounds like a great thing to do. Please please please... pretty please HB! :) :) :)
  5. Outstanding work of documenting the fly-by, thanks a lot @104th_Maverick! I also want to mention that the Huey guys never flew together and to keep the formation in that shape was a monumental task. Thank you to Isegrim for leading the pack!
  6. Thank you to everyone that participated! What a sign of empathy and what a way to pay your respect to Shadow! If you have footage of the event, please leave a link here! Thank you again and stay safe!
  7. Sure, IP: ts50.gameservers.com:9132 Pw: phoenix See you guys at the event!
  8. Tomorrow there will be a send-off flight for him. If anyone wants to join, please report in:
  9. Hello everyone again! Wow, so many people showed interest and signed up - great! To answer a few questions that were asked and not fully answered yet: If you want to videotape or stream thats fine with me. Please bear in mind that we do this say farewell to our friend. If you are not sure if you can stay to the rest of the stream, i have no problem if you stay as long as you can and then just break out of formation, fly off in the distance and then disconnect. In case you are flying a helicopter, i dont mind if you land at the airport, switch the engines off and stay until you can and disconnect.
  10. While i am certainly not 100% happy about the current state of the missiles and their synchronisation over the network, i think that there was vast improvement done over the last few months. So while missiles are not were they could be right now, i feel like that there were a lot of big steps towards the right direction. What bothers me the most is when missiles go completely out of desync and kill you. It always depends on which end of the missile you are, the firing or the receiving one I think in terms of its physics simulation is probably the most complex software in the gaming industry. And we are seeing changes to this complex physics system on a regular basis where code complexity is probably beyond any realistic chance of being manageable. The flight models in DCS are in my eyes matched by no other game.
  11. Hello everyone! The event will take place on Saturday, 6th of February 2021, starting from 18:00 UTC. Timezones here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Send-Off+for+Osa&iso=20210206T18&p1=%3A&ah=2 Countdown here: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=1440&iso=20210206T18&msg=Send-Off for Osa Server and Teamspeak: 104th Phoenix server and TS, event channel on Teamspeak will be set up for that. Additionally SRS will be required. Thank you very much to 104th Phoenix for lending their server and teamspeak! Slots: 8x Ka-50 8x UH-1h 8x Mi-8 8x Gazelle 8x F/A-18C 8x F-16C 8x F-14B 8x Su-27 8x Mig 29 8x JF-17 8x Mirage 2000 If you have requests for any additional aircraft, please let me know. Additional Information: Main area of flying will be Krasnodar-Center. I will distribute the aircrafts by types to airfields around Krasnodar Center. Aircraft will be cold and dark on spawn. After takeoff, the aircraft will form a formation on their own and fly towards Krasnodar Center. If you wish to use flares or smoke during your formation, that is more than welcome. If you wish to fly in 2 different aircraft (e.g. one jet, one helo), i will find a way to accomodate that. If people show up that did not sign up, i will see if we can fit those people in aswell. Once again, please spread the information about the event to your peers. Thank you very much and see you on Saturday! Derdoe
  12. Hey guys, thanks very much for your wish to participate. My plan is for this Saturday, i am waiting for the OK for the server. Best regards, derdoe
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