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  1. Yep. I used a photo of myself when I was 20 Years younger
  2. Hatte angenommen das die Bundeswehr-Abzeichen für HEER und LUFTWAFFE immer sichtbar sein müssen.
  3. Improving Pilot's look (me) and adding details...
  4. One should always work with 4K textures (just in case) to keep quality/details when resizing them to a lower Res.
  5. Hi. My model has over 64 so you're pretty good with 10. Not pretty sure what the normal Number of materials is but you should have an eye on the Texture size. Light texture for example are not in need to be 4k.
  6. WIP Progress on the "new" Pilot / pilot's body
  7. dds eg.: includes MIP Maps. Usefull for calcualting textures down. There's no need to have Full-res textures when object is far away... Also. JPEG doesn't support alpha channels.
  8. I am not very familiar with Buildings, but I once built a Tower and I did it the same way and it works.
  9. collision boxes are mainly for damage identification. Collision lines are the one's which are colide sensitive. These lines must be placed everywhere on the Model to cover every possible collision. All lines and Boxes need to have a proper naming which one can grab from Modelviewer. Example:
  10. BO-105_Flyby_A.ogg Flyby sound (F3) done thanks to MACBEA ! M
  11. White is completly transparent here for "TEXT" . The more you go to black, the more you don't see of "TEXT". Here in the example I made it 50% grey. Meaning, you see the "TEXT" 50%.
  12. For glass, you can control the opacity with the grey level in the Alpha channel of your Color map. Like said. you don't need an opacity map. The Alpha channel will be used from the color map. So you need to add the Alpha in the Colormap.
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