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  1. Yeah, I played about five (5) stage 2 missions now, the Progress Code is always different, the strike target is always the 37T GH 34228 18438 where I destroy the three BMPs, the bridge and the INF on the bridge... There're no SAM RWRs and nobody except for the enemy fighters are attacking at all. What changes from mission is time of day, but that seems to be it. So it seems that everything is broken in the latest version of DCS Beta.
  2. Another weekend another try. This time I again couldn't shoot, then I spammed the SPACE button so that Flip said all this "Slash one" etc and after that I was able to shoot. That was when all the enemies were downed though. And then I said OK, let me just get on with this mission and finish it, and when the F14 commit was called I went towards them but they just bugged off. And then after a while my wingman just disappeared. :| I'll just go get some fuel and land and hopefully the mission will end anyway. :cry: J
  3. Hey guys, I'm on latest beta and have retried mission 12 for about 3 times already but when the bandits shoot on me I can't shoot back. Not with guns, not with amraams, nothing. But the funny thing is, I can shoot right after I take off. I tried other a2a missions and it works fine. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks! J
  4. Yep, learned that the hard way. Can't remember when this was added to be honest. Also with the latest beta there are no fast movers visible, or at least I'm not able the see them lol. There're are little dots of light but when you get close they disappear, and then with NVGs there's nothing there. Maaaan, such a great mission (and part of the book), too bad it's let down by DCS bugs. :helpsmilie:
  5. Hey Glyn, sorry for the confusion, you're right of course, I did read the briefing but somehow assumed that was the format I was familiar with. I write the important stuff down into a notebook but it looks I failed it two times just for this mission, will go sit in a corner now lol. There's a good lesson here though, really really RTFM. Thanks! :D
  6. I don't know man somehow I walk into these things :D. Now I've destroyed the first 3 hangars, but then I input the precise coordinates into WPT 6 and the last JSOW misses for about 30m... it doesn't hit the previously hit hangars so it did use a new coordinate. Maybe I should create a new waypoint and this is a DCS bug. :pilotfly: (ps. I've attached the screenshot)
  7. Hey Glyn, I finally made it to At Arms Length mission (It was great so far! Good job!), but in this mission I can't destroy the targets because the SAMs kill my JSOWs evey time, even when dropped from 40000ft! Anyone with this problem? (I also encountered this in multiplayer, so I was sceptical this was actually going to work with an SA-10 around!) Thanks!
  8. Good to hear, I didn't retry the mission on purpose, because I want a good experience. I'll retry it when the update is out. Thanks Glyn!
  9. Also the problem with those missiles is that if you don't see them you wont know that they are coming, especially if you're not looking directly at them or are turned the other way during the acrobatics. So even if you have the countermeasures and master arm both on you must see them coming... or you're dead. But if you tell the player, "Be sure to enable CM etc etc", then the player already knows that something is going to happen and it will ruin the suprise IMHO. :pilotfly:
  10. There is something off this mission and that is if this would be in real-life the Hornet pilot would probably just eject when he would see the two air-to-air missiles coming (also on the first try I didn't see it, I was dead a second after the guy said "Oh my god.."..). But lets go on from there... Since this is a game-like mission, for me the biggest disappointment is when I have to restart the mission knowing what's going to happen and still getting killed on the retry! The fact that the Su-25s are immortal long after they fire their rockets is a problem too (they should be immortal until they fire their air-to-ground rockets). I tried arming myself with a few Aim9xs and figured out that they are immortal the hard way. Also the Su-25s start to dog fight against a hornet, really? They should just get the hell out which would give the player a good chase :D. I try to be constructive as I can be (I know how criticism hurts being a professional game developer for about 20 years) but something's got to change here IMHO. (I've played the whole SH1 campaign a few days ago and it was good, GJ!)
  11. Yep, 441.41 driver version works on my 2080, thanks for that info, I can finally fly again. :D
  12. Ahh cool, great info, thanks!
  13. Thanks, I figured it was something like that. I use Russian for everything right now and it works. J
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