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  1. for me the only way to remove stuttering - previous nvidia driver - unplug monitor 2 (60 Hz) - nvidia panel > all parameters to default - v-sync in dcs
  2. i7 10700K oc @4.7 32 Go RTX 3070 Acer X34 G-sync compatible 100Hz Nvidia Driver: 466.11 W10 fresh install 20H2 with no updates
  3. Problem is back even with older driver since DCS update from this morning... I need to unplug monitor 2. If I plug it on my RTX or mobo graphic card, problem of massive stuttering...
  4. I made a test on a clean SSD: Win 10 20H2, no patch, drivers up to date, only DCS > same problem. Without V-SYNC > massive stuttering (monitor 100 Hz) With V-sync > monitor 100 Hz > massive stuttering With V-sync > monitor 60 Hz > OK, no more stuttering With V-sync > monitor 100 Hz, monitor 2 (60Hz) unplugged > OK, no more stuttering I tested previous Nvdia drivers 465.89 > all is back to normal With V-sync > monitor 100 Hz and max 100 FPS, monitor 2 (60Hz) plugged > OK, no more stuttering
  5. Okay so in fact I found another problem, which is the main problem: even when switched off, my screen 2 (60 Hz) plugged in DP on the same graphics card causes DCS to have the worst screen: 60 FPS. Weird thing, if the main screen is at 100 Hz = stuttering, if I put it at 60 Hz OK. If I unplug screen 2: I am at 100 FPS at 100 HZ, everything is fluid ... Few day ago, i hadn't this problem.
  6. Not only, inside cockpit if I roll and pull suddenly I have stuttering (before no problems), at 60 Hz and vsync no more problems. Few days ago I hadn't any problems.
  7. Oh thanks ! It solves my problem !! @100 Hz > stuttering @60 Hz > no problems V-SYNC > ON (in nvidia or game), if OFF > problems G-SYNC > ON or OFF > no changes
  8. Thank you, but unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem in my case. I still have massive stuttering, it didn't appear at 2.7 update, but 2 or 3 days later. Maybe the nvidia update ? I solded the problem after reading another post:: G-SYNC OFF Monitor @ 60 HZ
  9. Helios has become a gas factory. I've been using it for years, version 1.6 is incomprehensible and too intrusive in the DCS conf. I go back to 1.4 hoping to find a flexible and simple operation.
  10. I have the same problem; but not only the coremods, the mods folder too.
  11. If you already select Magic or gun, you need to affect a hotas button to "PCA SELECT", press it, and then you can select the S530 PCA button
  12. PCN have been added :) (bug with the PCN VAL button)
  13. Hello when I select Magic, i have a "grey" filter on the whole screen, if i select it again, there is a top right message saying that "helmet nvg is already active"... I looked in keybind, i found anything about this nvg... any idea ?
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