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  1. for me the only way to remove stuttering - previous nvidia driver - unplug monitor 2 (60 Hz) - nvidia panel > all parameters to default - v-sync in dcs
  2. i7 10700K oc @4.7 32 Go RTX 3070 Acer X34 G-sync compatible 100Hz Nvidia Driver: 466.11 W10 fresh install 20H2 with no updates
  3. Problem is back even with older driver since DCS update from this morning... I need to unplug monitor 2. If I plug it on my RTX or mobo graphic card, problem of massive stuttering...
  4. I made a test on a clean SSD: Win 10 20H2, no patch, drivers up to date, only DCS > same problem. Without V-SYNC > massive stuttering (monitor 100 Hz) With V-sync > monitor 100 Hz > massive stuttering With V-sync > monitor 60 Hz > OK, no more stuttering With V-sync > monitor 100 Hz, monitor 2 (60Hz) unplugged > OK, no more stuttering I tested previous Nvdia drivers 465.89 > all is back to normal With V-sync > monitor 100 Hz and max 100 FPS, monitor 2 (60Hz) plugged > OK, no more stuttering
  5. Okay so in fact I found another problem, which is the main problem: even when switched off, my screen 2 (60 Hz) plugged in DP on the same graphics card causes DCS to have the worst screen: 60 FPS. Weird thing, if the main screen is at 100 Hz = stuttering, if I put it at 60 Hz OK. If I unplug screen 2: I am at 100 FPS at 100 HZ, everything is fluid ... Few day ago, i hadn't this problem.
  6. Not only, inside cockpit if I roll and pull suddenly I have stuttering (before no problems), at 60 Hz and vsync no more problems. Few days ago I hadn't any problems.
  7. Oh thanks ! It solves my problem !! @100 Hz > stuttering @60 Hz > no problems V-SYNC > ON (in nvidia or game), if OFF > problems G-SYNC > ON or OFF > no changes
  8. Thank you, but unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem in my case. I still have massive stuttering, it didn't appear at 2.7 update, but 2 or 3 days later. Maybe the nvidia update ? I solded the problem after reading another post:: G-SYNC OFF Monitor @ 60 HZ
  9. Helios has become a gas factory. I've been using it for years, version 1.6 is incomprehensible and too intrusive in the DCS conf. I go back to 1.4 hoping to find a flexible and simple operation.
  10. I have the same problem; but not only the coremods, the mods folder too.
  11. If you already select Magic or gun, you need to affect a hotas button to "PCA SELECT", press it, and then you can select the S530 PCA button
  12. PCN have been added :) (bug with the PCN VAL button)
  13. Hello when I select Magic, i have a "grey" filter on the whole screen, if i select it again, there is a top right message saying that "helmet nvg is already active"... I looked in keybind, i found anything about this nvg... any idea ?
  14. Hello I have a strange behavior: "gun arm toggle" (Throttle Hotas button) doesnt affect the button in the cockpit, I need to affect another hotas button to "gun armed/else safe" and activates it to have the "gun arm toggle" effective For PCN shortcuts: prep, dest, enter, num key, all work, except the VAL. I can affect key but it is not operative in the cockpit
  15. impossible to understand PCA behavior... Sometimes you can select APP, sometimes you cannot. Same thing for the S530 and the tank to drop....
  16. flying-coyotus


    Hello To the editors, is it possible to have these shortcuts: - FBW reset - numpad 0 to 9 thanks :)
  17. hello Any news about manual update ? Youtube tuto are OK but not practical and very incomplete. thanks
  18. North Atlantic / Arctic aerea would be great, with the NATO bases and URSS bases
  19. Thanks to the forum I have found (not the documentation which is not complete as usual). Il fact the NS430 appears at the bottom right of the global resolution (i have 4 screens), but the bottom right was not cover by a screen, so i put down my top right screen in windows, change the position of the MFD, and now i can see the NS430... DCS should have developped a solotion to choose where to pop up the NS430...
  20. Hello I have the same problem with NS430 in every plane (compatibles ones > option / special tab / ns430 OK). I have reinstalled DCS (33 GO + 67 Go modules) > same problem... any idea ? thanks
  21. I notice too that north groom lake (for what i tested) is unaccurate while caucasus it's accurate. (nothing to see with elev, it is just the position that is not correct > green square in hud is not where it is supposed to be, caucasus it is ok)
  22. someone solves the problem, it works for me: dont touch to QTY button, let the plane choose what bomb to release
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