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  1. I've experienced a very strange issue and searched the forum for possible solution - unfortunately these efforts were in vain, or I was just unable to input the right keywords. Description: Control lights are not lit when starting a stock or third party single player mission. In addition tags of switches and buttons disappear along with instrument dials (they turn gray) when turning on cockpit lights. They are still there when NVG light is turned on though. Same happens, when starting a third party or stock multiplayer mission as server. However everything works just fine when joining a server as a client, or loading a single player mission, which I've just created. This single player mission also works fine after completely shutting down the computer and powering it up again, starting BS and loading the mission. Actions taken: First I thought a graphics card driver might be responsible, but why is everything fine in multiplayer/client mode and with single player missions created on my own setup? I have no third party add-ons installed whatsoever, except ACMI, but I guess this has nothing to do with graphics. Just to be on the safe side I uninstalled BS, deleted all remaining files and then reinstalled it again. No luck. BS and FC2 are running on a dedicated gaming pc, beside the drivers for joystick and trackir nothing else is installed. PC config: CPU: AMD Phenom-II 550 X2 AM3 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 motherboard RAM: 2x2GB DDR2 1066 Corsair XMS2 VGA: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD6850 1GB RAM DVD: NEC AD-7243S Internet: cable, 15/5 MBit Controls: Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar, TrackIr, Simped pedals OpSys: WinXp SP3 properly updated DirectX: 9.0c 9.04.0000.0904 Sim: DCS BS 1.0.2, cd, English Dual monitor setup (3360x1050, camera 1680x1050, Shkval 840x525, Abris 840x1050) The VGA was recently upgraded from ATI HD4870, directX also got updated the same time. Before the upgrade I did not experience this bug. I've never had any issues with BS before (except the multi-monitor + NVG bug which still has not been addressed BTW). FC2 was and still is working flawlessly. Attachments: Screenshot_1: APU in operation, three green lights should be lit (electrical system is operational) Screenshot_2: cockpit lights switched on, tags and dials disappear. Both bugs only happen in third party and stock single player and multiplayer/server missions. For more detail please read the description above. Disappearing dials, no control lights
  2. Nice 3d model, but it's the A5 with the old L44 gun not the A6. Latter has the longer L55 gun.
  3. This should work: http://www.vmh59.hu/download/Skins/Cy-25HRT.zip
  4. Finally found time watching it. Nice display of gunzo skills ;) Liked the first song. It gave the movie an aura I've never seen in any LO movie so far.
  5. Unfortunately not. I considered waiting until Monday, since it usually took 3-4 work days to receive the CD. My plan was to ask a moderator for help, but now I have you here around... Ps: LOL, I've written the wrong year in my previous post. It's 2007 not 2005. Sorry.
  6. Dear ED Support, I've purchased several times both the web and CD version of FC for myself and my friends and no issues at all. However now I have one. I've purchased 2 CDs (FC) on the 9th January 2005, paid for both of them online. However I've received only 1 CD on the 15th January. I've written an e-mail the same day to team@lockon.ru with my transaction ID, date and time of purchase and invoice ID included. I did not receive an answer (not even a return receipt) nor did I get the missing second CD. I've resent that e-mail on the 6th February but now to webmaster@lockon.ru and CC to team@lockon.ru. Unfortunately things have not changed yet. I guess maybe I did not get through your spam filter. Could you please look into this, since one of my friends is still waiting to get his CD.
  7. Why not make this fully automatic? Someone could write a small external app, which would capture the map part of the briefing screen and export other data (package, threat etc) from the mission file itself. It would then edit the PILOT-RUS-G01.tga.dds and/or PILOT-USA-G01.tga.dds files by adding the map and the infos on kneepads to it. This way you'll have all what you need in a few seconds ready in your virtual cockpit. P.s: I have no clue about programing, this means I also have no idea how much work it would take to write such an app.
  8. Has the soundtrack sg to do with a TV cartoon from the 80ies? :)
  9. Try this one: Go to lockon\config, look for graphics.cfg. MAKE A BACKUP COPY!! Edit this file with notepad. Scroll down until the line "LandLodDistances". Copy values from LandDay to LandNight. (Default values for LandDay are 10000 and 40000, while it's 8000 and 15000 for LandNight.) If you have a high-end PC you may try to increase these values.
  10. Be careful with editing the meinit.xml. Adding to many new vehicle groups will make Lock On CTD. Me and my sqn mate tried adding different battalions (heavy armored, hq, field artillery, engineer etc.) but after adding a certain number we both got CTDs. However this was with version 1.11. Hopefully it works with the new patch.
  11. Try to add this info to your *.tmj file ANT 1 50 TRIM(JOYY,1-) TRIM(JOYY,1+) TRIM(JOYY,0)
  12. I hope this will work. Go to Lockon\config\graphics.cfg. MAKE A BACKUP. Look for LandLodDistances. Changes values of LandNight to match those of LandDay. Save. Enjoy :)
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