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  1. Nope. Checking if I forgot to remove it was literally the first troubleshooting step I did.
  2. After reinstalling the OS and following the guide, for some reason DCS now opens in full screen despite the VR checkbox being on. SteamVR works. Edit: I was using the OpenComposite switcher program that seems to be the currently recommended solution, but it was the culprit. Dropping openvr_api.dll manually into the game directory solved the issue. In both cases, the d3dcompiler_47.dll file was removed manually. This is why I hate automatic updaters that force the latest version down one's throat.
  3. Can't use the PNVS in headtracking mode during night as the jitter causes horrible nausea even when projected onto both eyes. In fixed forward mode there are no issues. By adding some heavy averaging to the HMD head position this issue can likely be done away with.
  4. An almost-happy new user here! The only gripe I have is this slider in Simshaker for Aviators: The deadzone center should be at 1.0 g, not 0. Currently the pad gives a positive g feedback even inside the 0 to 1 g range, when everything below 1 should be negative relative to the user.
  5. Radio frequencies are exported. Other parameters - including guard status - aren't so SRS has to export the cockpit indicator state and interpret it to its best ability.
  6. SRS has no way of accurately knowing which radio you're configuring. Whenever the frequency shown in the top left display matches any of your SRS radios, the right side option button values are read by the export script.
  7. The rules above sound complex, but they can be summarized "always intercept the glide slope from above".
  8. The F-5E is now unplayable in PvP multiplayer and PvE multiplayer on servers that use IC. This RWR mod has been widely considered a legitimate fix as the underlying issue has not been fixed for more than four years now.
  9. andyn


    You can also use so-called point blank auto designation if you think timing the pickle button press is hard in CCIP. It's mostly comparable to the F-16 VIS and DTOS modes and classic dive toss bombing computers.
  10. We've had tons of fun in the DCS Finland community flying formation in the Midnight Hawks and FiAF Hawk 40th anniversary colors. A small bug, but reporting it regardless: Emergency gear handle position is not reset to the up position between respawns and L/G cannot be raised until the black and yellow handle has been cycled.
  11. The raster effect might be realistic, but It makes the TGP almost impossible to read due to moiré, which does not happen in real life. That effect should not be implemented directly on the display texture until our desktop displays and HMDs have enough spatial resolution to represent it properly (and until the DCS engine can run at such high resolutions with an acceptable frame rate ). A screenspace shader might produce an acceptable image quality in the meantime.
  12. The analog TDC axes were mostly fixed in early January, if I recall correctly. There was still another bug (that the devs were not willing to acknowledge) where you could not slew the DMT horizontally without adding vertical input, but it too seems to have been fixed with the latest action/no action slew update.
  13. Do you have a WMR headset and reprojection on? Try disabling it.
  14. DCS (somewhat unnecessarily) pushes hardware closer to its limits than most other games do and you're more likely to unearth issues with your hardware you didn't know exist, be it heat dissipation issues, power supply problems or something else. DCS by itself does not break computers. If you start "optimizing" your Windows settings and mess up your OS because of that, you can't really blame the software vendor. If you start "optimizing" your CPU or GPU clock speeds, don't (unless you're talking about built-in features in various "OC"/"XT" series GPUs or Intel CPUs that are supposed to run up to 1½ times faster than their advertised base clock). --- In any case "you can't break hardware with software" is one of the great computer fallacies. Who remembers the times when you could write a simple BASIC program in DOS that broke your monitor by switching between video modes as fast as possible? Who hasn't (at least temporarily) bricked their HOTAS with a botched firmware update? With vendors offering various "boost" features in their GPU drivers nowadays, overvolting and overheating your hardware is easier than it has ever been.
  15. I remember seeing another thread about sea state vs wind speed in 2.5.6, and the general consensus of both aviators and sailors was that the waves on open seas were way too high for given wind speeds. Hence, the current implementation in 2.7 can be considered an upgrade until we get a separate sea state slider or the coastline proximity is taken into account in the weather model.
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