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  1. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3kOAM2N1YJcwr85JagvuBn0FoPKSZ0vP
  2. How to disable the 10 min delay on the server in 1.8.5? For our purposes, it is unnecessary and interferes in the our processes.
  3. RECCE mark is for the pilot to mark points of reference on the SHAred Reconnaissance Pod (SHARP). Which is not in DCS. It has no relationship to INS mark points.
  4. Thanks for the info, It's odd because I absolutely get no other crashes other than when I try to use the MB-339 module. It seems to work the first time and then when I go to load up a subsequent mission it will crash. I will reload the GPU drivers clean and if it continues then I will just avoid using the 339 until later versions
  5. Crashes with MB-339 Getting constant crashes with the MB-339, Either it freezes while in cockpit or completely crashes DCS while flying. Stable 2.5.5. Latest MB-339. Log at the link... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-GQQtaRo9IQnHmhQWuJzpaOUxaZSYVM9
  6. Will there be a Supercarrier module download for the dedicated server operators much like the map module downloads? Want to be able to have a server with the Supercarrier but not going to pay 4 times, 1 for each server I administer. What is the word on this? Thanks!
  7. Confirmed, Hud symbology does not move when slewing TGP in A/G CCRP with no steerpoint defined. Air start. Track file attached- server-20191222-051538.trk
  8. When Altitude hold or Attitude hold is turned and Roll is in ATT then the A/P disconnects during extreme maneuvers. When the Roll switch is engaged in either mode then the A/P will not disconnect at all unless it is switched off. The plane fights the control inputs constantly unless paddle switch is used or it is physically turned off. No hardware switches are set up for A/P control. Track file attached. server-20191220-090309.trk
  9. t2 push still does not seem to be working correctly with the PL-5E. Cannot re-cage the seeker with the t2 press. Cannot uncage the seeker with t2 press and don't get the seeking pattern anymore.
  10. https://medium.com/@bilal_zaman/i-always-wanted-to-write-about-the-jf-17-thunder-but-not-having-a-reason-to-do-so-kept-me-from-c8db2184b136
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