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  1. Fully Extended - 43° but it's limited to 20° when a/c is doing more than 350 kts
  2. Great pics and super story bSr.L()Csta. IF you have some more interesting pics and some comments you are more than welcome to post it :) Cheers
  3. Well than I was wrong... Sorry! "Go" by Trance Allstars is a remake of the Moby's "Go"
  4. Actually the second one was Trance Allstars "Go" Oh... And BTW nice movie! Cheers
  5. I heard it also, probably the engine malfunction. My honest condolences to wife and two sons.
  6. Is it really that hard to check in database is someone payed and downloaded the game and if he needs more activations simply give him new serial or whatever?
  7. I think that KUB SAM site will vector you when they detect bandits, give it a try!
  8. And the rain drops sliding down the side windows as you go faster :)
  9. I got it a soon as you made this thread a must say that I really like the vid! The sound of F/A-18 is awesome! Cheers 3rdELT
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