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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess i might just keep it and give it a try, though my wife keeps asking when I'm going to return it lol. Fingers crossed the wcs will be ok.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys! I think I'll keep it and test the WCS switch. Luckily tax was only $12 and since it's sold by woot, it would get returned if I wanted a refund, though they would deduct a prepaid label fee to get it back to them. Hopefully others can take advantage of this deal too.
  3. Posted this in hardware sub originally because i forgot we have a TM sub. Saw the TM F/A-18 grip show up on woot here: https://computers.woot.com/offers/gaming-thrustmast-f-a-18-grip-add-on-1?utm_medium=share&utm_source=app $140.82 before tax and free shipping for Amazon Prime members. Think it's worth it at this price? I do have the Hornet module... But I've seen a lot of posts about issues with switches.
  4. Saw the TM F/A-18 grip show up on woot here: https://computers.woot.com/offers/gaming-thrustmast-f-a-18-grip-add-on-1?utm_medium=share&utm_source=app $140.82 before tax and free shipping for Amazon Prime members. Think it's worth it at this price? I do have the Hornet module...
  5. I feel like the recent Airlink updates (especially with sharpening and ASW) have really made both Virtual Desktop (even with SSW) and the link cable a bit moot, but I do need to still utilize Virtual Desktop in some cases. VD does look slightly better to me, but they're so damn close that in game, you can't really tell. Text in the cockpit might be a different story but i haven't fully tested that yet. I tried it a bit in Elite Dangerous and I really don't see a need to use the link cable. Then I utilize the usb-c port solely for power from a battery. Having a wifi 6 router (Asus AX86U is my recommendation) and having the PC wired probably helps as well. Plus, not having the cable despite being in a chair saves me the trouble of my kid walking around behind me tugging on it (3 year olds yanno?! "OOH DADDY WHAT'S THIS??") I've been following these guys here to see how well Airlink has been working with DCS, and it looks positive. I think your question may be better posed in that thread to see what updates they've experienced since they've mostly come from link cables:
  6. I was also considering the G2 vs Q2 because of all the deals. For your system, OP, you can use either like others have mentioned. The feedback I got from Reddit and other places (because I intend to also use it outside of the sim realm) was that the Q2 ended being more user friendly and had a lot more features that the G2 didn't have. Also, there are just some games you want to play wirelessly. The charging situation was also a worry of mine, but like alpine mentioned, a powered USB hub for when you're sitting will work and a battery pack for when your wireless will also work. Ultimately though, I made the decision based on two more important factors for me... my system is still a Sandy bridge i5-2500k/GTX 1070 setup (i did pick up a 3070 TI FE for MSRP, but contemplating what to do with it still since 12th gen Intel CPUs are somewhat problematic +DDR5 & mobo cost, and Ryzen is due for a new gen), and I was able to get the Q2 for practically just tax from Amazon. I got it when it hit $249 along with a $50 future Amazon credit for Amazon sold and shipped items, bringing it down to $199+tax. At that point, I was able to also apply for an Amazon Prime CC (instant approval), which gave me a $200 Amazon GC bonus, which was then utilized for the Q2. Lastly, using a referral before I activated the Q2 also gave me $30 in the Oculus store (if you end up getting the Q2 and need a referral for the credit, you can use mine and let me know if you need me to walk you through it: https://www.oculus.com/referrals/link/ne0shi/). So, I suppose one could really see this as $tax-$30 Oculus credit, but I discount the Oculus credit since that is mostly used to buy games or apps I would not necessarily need to buy (except maybe Virtual Desktop). It was just hard to beat that vs the $399 G2 deal (now expired I believe and $550). My biggest worry now though is that the battery in the Q2 will likely be donezo in 2 years. A solely wired headset wouldn't have problems, but a wireless battery powered one certainly does. Also, there's issues like the Q2 stock strap is a recipe for headaches, so you're going to have to spend another $30 or so for a better strap at the very least. Battery and all that you could use an existing battery pack and USB-C cable as long as they're properly secured. On the flip side, the G2 also might be obsolete in the same timeframe because new products like the professional Quest headset is slated for next year or something and other manufacturers could also be developing the next gen as well. To me though, that meant that spending as little as possible was still the best option for me. So you're going to have to really think about your own future needs here as well.
  7. I'm hoping with SC, we can maybe have CIC control in the Arleigh Burke. On the carrier itself, would nice if we could operate deck tugs. But whatever, CA has always been the forgotten module, so something instead of nothing would be an improvement in itself.
  8. Ugh.. can they put up a bundle for the Hornet + Supercarrier + Persian Gulf instead? I don't need another 33!
  9. Haha helloooo! I was just thinking the other day thank god home fries brought it to modern day but flying reloaded still makes me yearn for a proper remake (with added stuff like maybe adf/taw integration and better ground units), which I'm sure we will never get :( Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  10. Heh i just reinstalled it using the reloaded mod to play the campaign. :) Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  11. God i miss ef2000 campaign... Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  12. I think the failure point of this clone will be those plastic interface plates between the "wrench" arms and the spring connections. Not really sure what to call these calls really lol.
  13. Yeah but their price point is a necessary life force for our genre. It's hard to attract more attention to sims, let alone the hardware associated when the best stuff resides around$400+. It's a learning process though for sure. As you get more experience, you learn that saitek products are no longer fit for the purpose and then you make the decision to stay in and pay more, stay put and deal with the issue, or quit. I've had an X45, 2x X52s, 2x X65Fs, and the combat pedals. All had catastrophic issues that required RMA. I've learned now. My wife cringed though when she heard the price for the VKBs and how they are the cheaper of the robust products. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  14. Update: i guess using Twitter helped as one of their support leads called me to resolve the situation. All is good now, though i no longer have pedals (for now!). Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  15. Hey guys, to answer your questions: They still haven't provided ample accommodation for the situation. US consumer protection laws require them to either repair, refund, or replace the product, of which they say they cannot repair units now, they discontinued the product, and they will not pay out anything in cash so no refund. Of course, i could choose to pursue this in small claims court, citing their inability to fulfil the warranty as part of the sales agreement (breach of contract). I've put them on blast on twitter and Reddit as well. If you do have problems with your unit, do NOT send it back. But you could reasonably try to claim lack of warranty as well. Vkbs are indeed my planned replacement. I considered the CH and the new TM ones, but the vkb's up/down motion is actually something i prefer. Anyhow, i hope to get more info soon. I have actually asked them to send me my pedals back including shipping costs I've incurred to send them, but they claim they cannot find my pedals because there is nothing to identify the unit. I told them to look underneath for the serial number... Lol. If they cannot provide that, then i may entertain the regular pro flights but would like to receive the difference in cash. They have only offered in products, which i have rejected because most of mad catz gear is absolute crap now. Then lastly, if these are not possible, then i may pursue small claims court for a full refund due to breach of contract (i would not have bought these pedals if they did not come with a 2 or more year warranty because of my prior experience with their x65f. The unit exhibited toe brake issues out of the box but they were not a problem until about 6 months in, when i had to increase the dead zone substantially to avoid the false registers. I think it is time that the saitek brand leaves the flight arena, but i know there are few low budget alternatives. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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