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  1. Thanks a lot for this guide! But why such hostility against motions reprojection users? Many of us simply prefer little bit more details or resolution but suffer nausea from raw 45 FPS so we use motions reprojection to make up for the lost smootheness. It is better than running the game on lowest to achieve true 90 FPS, and even then there are only few graphic cards on the market that can do it. Majority of hardware will not be able to output 90 FPS for a 4K headset such as the Reverb G2 even on lowest settings, so the motion reprojection is the only way to have smooth look-around.
  2. I don't know but the title of the topic doesn't look like the original poster wants to report a bug. It's all discussion here. We know we can't do anything without public Hornet data.
  3. Ok, i was little too fast with the judgement. The CPU load isn't increased universally, but only at a specific location in the map. When i just look 90 degrees to the left or right, or just fly somewhere else, the load goes down. Funny that a graphical element bumps up the CPU usage and not the GPU load. Can someone else try the same thing and tell me if he has the same issue? The map is Instant Action - F-16 - Caucasus - Take off. And the spike happens right in the beginning when looking to the front, along the runway, just looking left 90 degrees calms it down.
  4. I'm investigating a performance issue here. I haven't been playing DCS for about 4 months. Now after finally purchasing a new graphics card (previously Radeon 5700 XT, now Radeon 6800 XT) i tried playing again, but i've noticed significant reduction of CPU performance. I'm using fpsVR for diagnosing hardware performance while in VR. Previously my CPU frame-time graph would be mostly green, sometimes orange (around 10ms per frame), and now it's mostly orange or red (20-25ms per frame). My CPU is Ryzen 5600X. When i check its metrics, it isn't hitting any of its limits - frequency peeking at 4.2GHz while max is 4.6, power draw keeping around 22W while max is around 70W, and temperatures only slightly above 50° when it can easily handle 90°. I need to figure out if this performance drop came with some of the recent patches, or with my change of GPU. That's why i'm asking whether someone else has also observed the same issue.
  5. Does anyone know the methodology how these graphs are created? And how it is possible that i can slide the fuel load and it updates automatically?
  6. I have not flown the new Viper against other players in dogfight servers yet, so i will not comment on it. But few things should be made straight right now. "FM realism" and "PvP dueling performance" are 2 completely different things and should stricly be discussed separately. Countering someone saying "Plane A loses to plane B" with "If you think plane A has incorrect FM, fill a bug report" is not the right thing to do. Stating that plane A is inferior to plane B in PvP dogfight duel is not automatically wanting unrealistic buffs or nerfes, sometimes it's just stating the fact and nothing more. You should have some valid counter-arguments using valid ingame tactics or evidences using ingame footage before posting. Arguments using historical engagements or real life pilot experiences are not valid unless proven it works in the game too. Posting Growling Sidewinder's videos as an evidence of capabilities is not very mature. The relevance does not equal to the number of subscribers. If you want to see some serious PvP dogfighting, watch channels Ace Han, B3 ᴘʀᴏᴅᴜᴄᴛɪᴏɴ, The 3est or DLEGION666. These guys know more about dueling tactics than 80% of this forum users, including the history/aviation enthusiasts disregarding other's arguments because "this couldn't happen in real life".
  7. I really had no aileron control. I rolled by using some disbalance created by asymetrically broken wings. By pulling up it would roll right and by pushing down it would roll left. But it definitely shouldn't fly without the wings. There cannot be enough lift to keep the plane in the air like that.
  8. @captain_dalan Do you have them? Can you post them?
  9. So i signed up for the Folds of Honor tournament. Right in the second round i got this guy, and i was going home crying


  10. Need to intercept a fast high flying bomber? This one trick will help you.
  11. The document someone posted in this thread earlier showed that the F-15 in DCS is pretty overperforming compared to the real one. I would say, even fighting against human is incorrect way of measurement. When you want to know the turn rates, you have to do it the hard way and do a test flight with stopwatches, to eliminate any possible human error and inaccuracies. Can you please show us how?
  12. I believe that in WMR when your controllers are disconnected you can point at things by moving your head and click with a mouse button, but i'm not sure.
  13. Nothing wrong with your brain, this is a (typical comercial) mess. I had to spend whole weekend googling stuff before i started to understand how this is all done and how i should properly set it up to run DCS.
  14. @Digitalvole I think what he meant was a difference when you use headset natively built for SteamVR such as Valve Index compared to headset made for WMR. Native SteamVR headsets will use SteamVR's own motion smoothing, whereas native WMR headsets will allow SteamVR to enable/disable motion smoothing, but in the background the SteamVR will delegate this functionality to WMR instead of doing it by itself. At least that's how i think it works, it might be wrong.
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