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  1. need some help, i use 2 F16 mfd's that stick to my left screen and 1 to my right screen. so i edited the Lua file like this, _ = function(p) return p; end; name = _('2mfd'); Description = 'Configuration with 3 monitors each with its own camera' Viewports = { Center = { x = 525; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1050; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = 1.7; GUI = { x = 525; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1050; }, }, LEFT_MFCD = { x = 0; y = 0; width = 525; height = 525; }, RIGHT_MFCD = { x = 2445; y = 0; width = 525; height = 525; }, } UIMainView = Viewports.Center LEFT_MFCD = Viewports.LEFT_MFCD RIGHT_MFCD = Viewports.RIGHT_MFCD I have middle screen to fly and on the left screen my left mfd and on my right screen offcourse my right mfd as seen in the picture NOW as you can see, i don't have a black background on my mfd's, how can i fix this, or what did i do wrong?
  2. correct, no error this time when adding Time more 3, thx for that!! ... but they still don't run to the center of the smoke
  3. when i try this i get this error this is a small test mission i made to test it https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/137203885/droptest.miz so if you guys would like to tell me what i'm doing wrong, i would appriciate it ALLOT!!
  4. hi guys, i'm making a mission with the CTLD script. question is: everything works fine for pickup and dropzone,... but can someone explain me how i can let the dropped troops move themself to the center of the zone? i tried with the wpzone, but no luck here :( or how do i activate that wpzone?
  5. Same problem, i do get the smoke and other stuff but no F10 option edit: just after hot fix update, same problem
  6. Flying with the 9th =Shrek= Squadron
  7. then its better you role back, i got -10 fps on 13.8 and had to role back to 13.6
  8. the only thing i can say it's your ATI card, dcs don't like them... try using driver 13.6 for it. if you want to test that, just ask a friend if you can use his nvidia card for a day..
  9. use the 13.6 drivers for your card, ATI card, that your biggest problem (have the same issue). and it's how dcs engine is working at the moment thx to there patches. but the latest patch it started working allot better. we have to wait untill EDGE,...
  10. to all the guys who tryed to help: THANK YOU! again i had to modify allot of files in dcs to get to 40 fps again, so it was not my ati card or pc power, it was how DCS is programmed. still have some fps limps, but it's playable again. so if a stupid old guy like i can fix fps problems, why can't those programmers from ED do it? do you guys (ED) even care that i had to spend 3 days fixing your crap from 1.2.5 before i could enjoy my game again? and what about the testers? don't you guys report the fps problems to ED? TO ED: please hold your next patch (1.2.6) for a year or so, or until you have EDGE, so i don't have to do everything over again and again and again,...:mad: greetings from a very pissed customer... you guys where much beter in the old days!!
  11. thats the problem even the tweaks didn't help me in the 1.2.5
  12. these are the tests that i did before in 1.2.4 with Gpu's http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1813351&postcount=18
  13. Mister Ramsey, my biggest problem is lack off support i get from ED, this is my Overall payments amount: $239.94, never buyed anything in discount! thats how i supported ED!! but with there patched they say that they improved gameplay stability,... F... IT, now i can't play at all anymore!! so it's better to give up untill they bring a new patch.
  14. hi guys, with the 1.2.5 patch i think i'm going to give up on DCS, i bought a complete new system for this game and in 1.2.4 with some tweaks i got to a stable 30-60 fps unless i got a heli infront off me low flying and making groundsmoke then i got somethimes to 6-12 fps. but still enjoyed flying it. now with the 1.2.5 patch i'm getting the same fps like on my old system :mad: i only get to 10-14 fps now. it just feels like i wasted allot of money for DCS Seems like DCS isn't using my pc power at all, just take a look at the picture. Also, if you look on this topic with all the fps problems, it's only members trying to help each other and giving tips,... never a reply from ED :mad:
  15. you could always check out -=Shrek=- squadron http://www.shreksquadron.org/index.php friendly helpfull guys, flying allot on the huey at the moment.:D
  16. i'm waiting!!!!!!!!!!!! :joystick: :D
  17. thx again Dave!!! and i feel so sure i already tryed that :cry: now its working, thx edit: seems like there was a bad connection for my button 5 and 6 = fixed
  18. well, your game can't detect the off signal from your switch, thats why we need to change some stuff into the LUA file, i used this tutorial http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=89226
  19. Dave317 how did you do it with the armed off, save, armed button? i tryed to add a line, but no joy :( {combos = {{key = "JOY_BTN5"}, }, down = 3020, up = 3020, cockpit_device_id = 9, value_down = -1, value_up = 0, name = "Armament Off/Safe/Armed Down", category = "Armament System"}, {down = 3020, cockpit_device_id = 9, value_down = 0, name = "Armament Off/Safe/Armed Off", category = "Armament System"}, {combos = {{key = "JOY_BTN6"}, }, down = 3020, up = 3020, cockpit_device_id = 9, value_down = 1, value_up = 0, name = "Armament Off/Safe/Armed Up", category = "Armament System"},
  20. going to try this again tonight. but i think i tryed this already and when going to options it reseted all the buttons until i undo it again in my lua file. thx Dave: it works, still strange i did the same thing before and that didn't work, must have forgoten something, still thx allot!! +1
  21. hi all, i could use some help for the LUA file for my huey switches. i'm using the leoboards BBI-32 and some on-off and on-off-on switches. now i can make my on-off switches work by adding for example: {combos = {{key = "JOY_BTN1"}, }, down = 3014, cockpit_device_id = 7, value_down = 0, name = "Anti Collision Light On/Off", category = "Ins Overhead panel"}, TO {combos = {{key = "JOY_BTN1"}, }, down = 3014, up = 3014, cockpit_device_id = 7, value_down = 0, value_up = 1, name = "Anti Collision Light On/Off", category = "Ins Overhead panel"}, My problem is for the On-Off-On switches that i use for nav lights,... when in up position i want i to be flash, when switch is in down pos i want it to be steady, this i s no problem, but when my switch is in OFF pos (middle switch pos) it's not doing it ingame :cry: these are the lines: {combos = {{key = "JOY_BTN2"}, }, down = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 7, value_down = -1, name = "Nav Lights Flash", category = "Ins Overhead panel"}, {down = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 7, value_down = 0, name = "Nav Lights Off", category = "Ins Overhead panel"}, {combos = {{key = "JOY_BTN4"}, }, down = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 7, value_down = 1, name = "Nav Lights Steady", category = "Ins Overhead panel"}, i have changed and tryed all kinds off things, non working for the moment. anybody has a working solution for me?
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