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  1. I run into this issue aswell. It keeps showing the CPG screen when i'm flying as a pilot. I really hope ED can change it so, when you switch seats, the screens will switch to from pilot to CPG and vise versa Plz ED, this is very annoying
  2. I'm not sure, but i think there was a report in the Mirage subforum. But it was ages ago when i looked for this issue. I nowadays just select a different spawn and then it fixes it 95% of time Seems more like a multiplayer desync or some sort. I have 64Gb RAM, so i doubt that's the problem
  3. Its not only the JF17, happens in Mirage, Viggen and F18 aswell. Only fix for me is to select a new aircraft in a different spawn point.
  4. nope, only the V3 and V4 (naval version of the V3) have the BLU109
  5. Air stands for airburst, which is the wrong fuse setting, if you want to penetrate a target. Air bursts explodes a few feet above the grond. While both bombs have some penetrating capability, only the v3 is a dedicated penetrator. It uses the BLU109 warhead and features a stronger casing to penetrate harder targets
  6. Same goes to you i guess, be thankfull they even brought it out yet
  7. I wouldn't call it fly-by-wire, as it doesn't control where the seat is going. It has a recovery sequencer, which determines in which of the 3 modes the seat is currently in. If needed, there is a vernier rocket system, using gyroscopes under the seat to provide stability. The sequencer also controls when the pilot gets seperated from the seat.
  8. It does stay in position in the real jet, but it will go into that mastermode directly when you put main power on and switch MMC, MFD and ST STA to on. In DCS this doesnt happen, so you can be in 2 master modes at the same time, which is impossible in RL
  9. Those figures tell you nothing.... those are altitude, weight and speed depended, hell, there is even a difference between a GE and a P&W engine as far as indicators goes. The real throttle has a physical detent, which you need to bypass by lifting the throttle handle and pushing it passed the detent.
  10. Not directed at Uberick directly, but it is also DMS DOWN to hide/show JHMCS.
  11. +1 for me. Woud be perfect for the Warthogs throttle
  12. You can change some settings and save them if im not mistaken. It uses the numpad keys on your keyboard and by pressing a key combination, it saves them for that particular module. Try searching in your keybindings under view control
  13. Make sure that when you enter the mission, your "Dogfight/Missile Override" switch is in center. It happened to me a couple of times before and i *think* this is the cause
  14. Its not a problem that the weapon is pointing nose down, however there is an alignment issue on the right inner pylon There is a difference between the inner right pylon and the other pylons
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