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  1. But what will you do with two South America maps?
  2. Watching this thread before purchasing. VR performance is a biggy for me
  3. The problem is that any updates to the maps would break the many campaigns that we have on those three.
  4. Yes. In this campaign Wilson is retired and struggles with a difficult home life as he reflects on his wartime experience. Not able to fully articulate his mental struggles to his wife and children, he finds himself more and more alone. While he often self-medicates with alcohol and pain killers, his one solace is the counselor that a former wingman recommended. In this sequel to the acclaimed campaign for DCS, you play retired Luitenant Wilson in a dialog-based adventure as he converses with his therapist and comes to terms with a difficult past and present.
  5. Reflected's campaigns are great, but this one puts you in some pretty tough situations with heavy loads. Nothing that you can't handle as long as you are prepared to die a few times and start over. A good campaign to get your feet wet and practice a bunch of landings is the free Larkin Aviation campaign in the user files. That one's a civ campaign that is pretty entertaining. And the missions are short. Maybe do that one first? But still buy Paradise Lost if you're planning on sticking with the Huey.
  6. Isn't that how every campaign in DCS works? (And other sims) I think it's generally understood that you have to rtb to pass a mission. I understand the frustration with spending 1.5 hours in a mission only to be shot down, and the lack of a good checkpoint system can be pinned to DCS. But I don't think this failure design is anything out of the ordinary. And you do always have the Skip Mission option. That does just what you need it to, correct?
  7. Remember that they let you try out each plane or map for two weeks at a time, which is amazing. Find one or two that you really like and spend time learning it. Then the cost per hour is really not too bad.
  8. Is this currently completely broken? I'm at this mission and had the same issue. Biff just sits in parking. Edit - just tried again and it is ok.
  9. I don't have any objective A/B tests to prove it, but loading into missions seems slower to me as well. I did remove the contents of those two folders.
  10. I think maybe you're being a bit optimistic with this... this movie is a nostalgia money generator. Tom Cruise does not bring young people to the theaters - it's not exactly 1986 now. Plus the media landscape is much more fractured than it was at that time. You need a huge multi-genre vehicle like Harry Potter or Hunger Games with young stars to generate enough enthusiasm to make any impact outside of the actual movie after the credits. This is likely to do well in the box office, maybe lead to a sequel, but then I think it's going to be forgotten in a couple years.
  11. Wowee. Is that this one: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3316348/
  12. I think you can roll back to a previous version with the Skatezilla utility. I've used the utility but don't think I've tried this before though.
  13. I'll add to the advice provided by the above posters: 1) if you would like to fly a jet from an aircraft carrier, then I'd suggest the Hornet and Super carrier over the AH-64 2) if you would like to fly a helicopter, then I believe the AH-64 provides more of a helicopter experience than the Hornet and Super carrier Let me know if this helps, I will be willing to address follow up questions.
  14. Pilots enter info via keypads when they fly all the time. It's not like driving where something is going to suddenly appear in front of you.
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