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  1. @BitMasterJust to clarify, i wasn't expecting to see any big difference and i didn't upgrade my CPU to run DCS better, i upgraded it to keep up with technology. I just expressed my conclusion after the upgrade. And yes DCS now runs a bit smoother.
  2. I have the same issue, where is that VR mouse setting?
  3. I have the same issue, only in my case the HID device is 403 and it is missing from the registry. I can only find 401 and 402. I tried everything including reinstalling TARGET without any other target device connected and it simply doesn't work. It is a fresh windows installation prior my format it was working perfectly fine. Can someone help? Thrustmaster support is dead.
  4. I just went from an i7-8700k to an i7-12700k keeping same DDR4 and sam GPU and i saw almost 0 difference in DCS in VR.
  5. I upgraded my pc and had to do a fresh win10 install and now i have two issues with shimshaker sound module. Because i had installed it in a secondary drive i could run it without needing install it again so i tried to activate the licence with my key but the key wasn't working, so i decided to delete it and properly install it again but now i am getting this error message: The cabinet file '_101AFCE34691CCEFDB8F61EBCF9C5AF' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used... any help?
  6. Simshaker is not working with F-16 Sufa mod, the only way to make it work is to get in an F-16C (then simshamer works fine), and then switch planes to the Sufa. Is there anyway i can fix that?
  7. After the last update i have no comms with any AI, i can see the a/c is transmitting, the request is being executed (f.x. the ground crew successfully places the wheel chocks) but i can't hear my pilot's voice, or the reply by the AI and i also don't get the subtitles on the upper left corner. Is this happening only to me?
  8. i am about to do exactly the same thing, going from an 8700k 5.0ghz to 12600k and keep the rest. I also fly in VR so i was a bit worried if it is going to worth it, i think you convinced me.
  9. I also bought last week a Hornet stick from Amazon.de, 4 buttons were sticky as well and the box unsealed. Then i read this thread and i was sure i was a victim of amazon, i sent an email to Thrustmaster asking if the box should be sealed and they confirmed that if the box is unsealed then the product is considered to be used. I contacted Amazon and i was super mad as i believe this is a serious fraud, if any other small store did that it would face huge consequences but when a billionaire does it everything is ok. They sent a new sealed one (hopefully) which is to be delivered today and they said i can return the old one later.
  10. Will this make things better for us users? https://www.ultraleap.com/company/news/blog/unreal-unity-vr-plugins/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=spatial&utm_content=game-engine
  11. i am also keep getting this error, anyone knows how to fix it?
  12. @=Andre= Should i use the stable or the beta version? i have the stable installed, if i move to beta i have to setup everything from scratch?
  13. Anyone knows if there a guide to make it feel as close as possible to the real F-16 stick?
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