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  1. Nice [emoji2956] So its all in that third switch?
  2. O boy. You made my day. I forgot to turn on the circuit breakers on the right side [emoji85][emoji23]
  3. Hi That switch is on. But still no gunsight [emoji3166]
  4. Hi guys, I’m trying to figure out what I’m missing in my startup because I don’t get a gunsight. When starting hot and turning on the sight switch on the pilot armamentpanel the gunsight works perfectly. But doing the same after a manual startup doesn’t give a gunsight. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi there, 1- I would be interested in the F16 grip for sure. And F18 throttle grips would be nice as-well. F35 would be nice if we get a descent F35 module on DCS but that ain’t gone happen in the foreseeable future. 2- I use Monstertech type desk mounts. Best regards Jorik
  6. I have the same problem on the super carrier with my G2. And yesterday I noticed the same happening flying the F16 out of Incrilik airbase on the Syria map. Turning of bloom doesn’t help. Side note, a friend flying the Reverb G2 aswell has the same problem. Is there a way to turn off MSAA in DCS and replacing it in the Nvidia control panel?
  7. I have the same problem. And I can't fly without the controllers. I let it rest on my lap and when I need to push some buttons in pit I use the controllers, mostly only the right one. But this is a WMR issue. Pressing the Windows button on one of the controllers puts you in the cliff house and it shuts down DCS so you can start all over again or loose your mates halfway a flight in multiplayer.
  8. Thank You very much [emoji1316] Now we know the A-4E is just A-4 [emoji13]
  9. Where can we turn on the Write To Log to determine module names?
  10. Thanks for the help. That did the trick.
  11. Hi Guys, I'm trying to setup a different controller profile for every aircraft because my comm-switches are completely different from one aircraft to another because I want them to resemble the real layout as close as possible. But I can't seem to get around the VoiceAttack exposed variables. I tried to make a duplicated of every TX (I have no Joystick assigned to the default TX's in the VAICOM profile) and make a duplicate for every aircraft with "Equal to". But this assignment keeps reacting in other aircraft as well. So I tried the other way around with Not Equal to but still these assignments keep reacting in VAICOM in the other aircraft. The assignments above is just for ICS on the Huey to test it out. Could somebody point me in the right direction ? Thanks guys,
  12. Could you supply us with the dimensions of the small case left of the main collective handle? I mean the one with the small red button for the laser on it. This would really be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi guys, I'm fairly new to VAICOM but I'm loving every bit of it. Now do I fly mostly F-14, F-18, Harrier and A-10C and this while using the TM Warthog. But all of these birds have different HOTAS Comm setups. Is there a way to have VAICOM recognize witch module you are flying and set the correct button PTT settings accordingly? I have noticed in the manual something like Exposed Variables but I have no clue how to tackle the PTT settings the best way. Did anybody succeed in this?
  14. The files are: - bazar/shaders/deferred/gbuffer.hlsl - bazar/shaders/deferred/shadows.hlsl - bazar/shaders/deferred/decoder.hlsl - bazar/shaders/deferred/atmosphere.hlsl - bazar/shaders/model/functions/glass.hlsl - bazar/shaders/posteffects/nvd_common.hlsl and the fix file - bazar/shaders/materialfactory/ils151.hlsl
  15. I get an IC pass failure on the following files. If I delete these, what functionality do I lose? Are they necessary for the MOD? Thanks for the help.
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