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  1. Would be nice to have this fix soon,.. I have many scripts failing.. Does this also involves infantry? Having the same issue while calling the getGroup on a dead unit... or this is not allowed anymore?
  2. Tupper here, Rotorheads Server Admin. I struggled a lot with many things, and spend a very long hours sweet and tears building my server scripts. I managed to workaround many things but will be great to have better options to solve issues like, spawning Farps, and handle menus by Units and not just by Groups. Also the Spawn safe areas will be a great thing to have. I set up the dynamic spawn functionality which is key in my server but it requires a lot of manual inputs, I have the info if the intended spawn point is water or not, or Road or not.. but nothing else.. and the areas with trees are a very big issue for me and the Game masters that help me. Anyway,, just wanted to share a bit of the struggles and the workaround efforts I put there... I endorse this document as well. Marcos "Tupper" Romero
  3. I don't think there is.. but Is there a way to know which user moved units around? with CA (of course in a MP server). Would be great to know who is moving things around....
  4. Is there any place where I can find the Pictures taken in the Server GUI of other players? trying to make them available to other admins to be able to know who is moving ground units. While I'm online I can take the screenshots and check, but can't be online all the time.. Thanks!
  5. trying to use same function and I till see the same issue.. quite annoying, I want to keep info updated for everyone in the map but the popup keeps showing up every time I update it.. image for clarification, pop up and In map text
  6. Usar el server de SRS sin permiso es una falta de respeto muchachos...
  7. Was checking out this today and tried many ways to spawn and be able to delete the smoke but stilll is not possible right?
  8. Server Name: Persistent P V E --<< RotorHeads Server >> Discord: https://discord.gg/zj33Xg6 Latest OPEN BETA Let me share with you the server I've been working for the past few months.. These are the features currently have... Server has a few mandatory training missions for the Helicopters.... nothing too dificult, just Hover, Taxi, Navigation and the use of CTLD and CSAR scripts to deployed and pick up troops and rescue downed pilots... Training progress is saved and so only need to do the training Once... 1) Persistent environment (CSAR, CTLD deployments, all enemy units, even F10 marks) 2)CSAR: Enhanced Ciribobs script to do more stuff like Delayed embarking ( downed pilot runs to helicopter) downed pilots can be picked up by Ground vehicles, Weight increase (100 kg for each) and maximum limit that also considers ctld troops onboard Re-spawning on crash (everybody on board spawn on the new crash site). Smoke as a radio menu option... 3) CTLD enhancements.. Troops Run to helicopter for pick up (delayed pick up, 1 by 1) Jtac Infantry group... Troops transport limited for different aircraft.. you can load multiple groups until the max capacity is reached. (Groups split if a part embarked and a part doesn't) Cargo consists in a mix of internal and external (Sling) loads... Internal cargo also affect aircraft weight... Deployed Ground vehicles can be re-packed for transport (Spawn the crates needed for that unit) 4)FAC script - Super enhanced script i found (not sure who to credit there), but it looks a copy on Ciribobs Logic as well..2 Gazelles at the moment can use this script, Laser code selection. Target type selection No message to All are send, pilot using this unit will have to verbally communicate the position and laser code etc... Auto Laser detection range only in the front 180 degrees of the helicopter.. if you turn you will loose the target.. 5)FARPS: A heliport Pad will be located in the deployed CTLD FARPS, after the Server restarts. (Server will start checking immediately after deployment for a time when there are no players in units. if everybody is out , as spectator or in the tactical commander slots the server will reload the mission) 6) Time: Time in the mission as well as the date is persisted (Will be same after server restarts), and date i set to Current date.. (Soon will be adding some real life wind speed and direction as well)... 7) Client Slots Persistence: (some) Slots will save the location when the engines are shutdown. and After the next restart will be available in that location. (anywhere).... 8 ) Live map: Here And still open to any new crazy idea....
  9. Anyone having issues using this? Can't make it work, and i'm not new using it.. seems to be having using the socket don't know why
  10. Having some issues today making it work I've been using a lot for years and now I can't make it work.. is anything wrong with this?
  11. anyone is having an issue with simshaker for aviators. For me for the last 2 weeks is closing with no error as soon it starts.. i see the icon in the tray and then nothing it closes.. anybody have any advice?
  12. Hi this still broken.. no updates on the fix?
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