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  1. I remember seeing values for accuracy in the lua files that were the same for a bmp3 and a zsu23-4. I still think they are too accurate vs air targets. Irl it takes millions of shots to get a hit. Sure you can catch the folden bb, but it should be a very rare shot, not a sure fire thing like it is now. Anyway, good to see this topic isn't dead yet.
  2. Someday all this tech (ground crews, atc, light sources and shadows) is gonna come to airfields too ..
  3. I dislike how much stuff you have to scroll past to get to the DCS general discussion.
  4. Used to be you ould mod the accuracy of ground fire. That .lua has been encrypted now iirc. One of the things I found messing with it is that indeed the BMP3 has the same values as the ZSU23 for accuracy. Its insane nonsense. It would be great if this could for once get fixed. I rather see them less accurate vs ground targets than too accurate vs air targets if it turns out these values are inseparable.
  5. I'm afraid that due to the density of buildings and stuff the map would have to be smaller. But even a smaller map of say the Fulda area where we could do close air support, battlefield air interdiction and maybe some slightly deeper logistics strikes would be... Still, even with a size reduced to put the nearest large airbases right on the edge of the map, the amount of structures, roads and such would be absolutely prohibitive with current map generation tech up to current DCS standards. It would take ten thousand monks years of their life to make it. Good luck finding those
  6. But a BMP2 is more of a threat than a ZSU-23-4!
  7. Sooo. shader cache deletion neccesary after every flight over Nevada?
  8. Looking at your personal pic, I'd say the viper is a natural fit. It's what's been flying over your house most if not all of your life
  9. No FLIR 2.0 for viper, hornet and hog
  10. I wonder how close it actually is. It looks drop dead gorgeous. That AoA thing is quite interesting imo.
  11. CCRP is the way with these bundles of joy.
  12. I want my voice recordings for Petrovich done by a drunken Eugene Hutz, in his native language..
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