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  1. Here is my issue. There is a fine balance between making each module "feel" different, and totally borking these modules. IMO when it comes to helicopters, ED has a bias toward borking. They need to keep in mind that everyone has totally different controls setups **ANYWAY**. We're not **ACTUALLY** in the real aircraft. So making the anti-torque pedals super twitchy might "feel" realistic according to the consultants they hire, with their fancy $600 pedals, but for someone else they might be totally bonkers. Ultimately, they need to offer vastly more options in terms of tunability for controls in helicopters, accounting for the fact that everyone here has different setups that are vastly different from the controls in the actual machines. We're talking different fulcrum points on sticks and pedals etc. Physically. Curves are jacked because if you lower the saturation and maintain a flat curve, you lose yaw authority at the extreme ends of travel. That the huey/mi8 aren't twitchy AS HELL. At least make the user curve follow the "new, trimmed center" position of the rudder.
  2. I know some of you don't use curves, and I don't either... But for me, the Apache is way too brutally twitchy in terms of yaw. I'm talking unrealistically so. The machine cannot fly like that in real life. I'm sorry, but I've flown helicopters in the past and that is just foolish. I'm saying tone them down, way down, to the more manageable levels of responsiveness found in the Huey/Mi8. So then I try to use a curve to tame it. Except then you trim with the PEDALS WITHOUT SPRINGS AND FFB option, the curve doesn't move over to the new center point as it should (and does for the cyclic). So then in a hover with left pedal put in, you're left with the sensitivity found in the mid-left region of the user-curve. I'm confident no one understands what I'm saying here. And it seems like the board is full of people who will defend ED at all costs rather than encourage ED to address an issue.
  3. Why not give a rudder option akin to the Huey and every other heli in the sim? As of now, I don't know what's going on, but the anti-torque pedals in <profanity> module are totally insane.
  4. JF-17 module is wonderful and has live TRT in the Controls indicator itself. Can someone make a mod that won't impact the pure-client check? Or maybe a mod that can be turned on and off in Special options?
  5. I have a 2600x, 2060 super, 16gb ram, NVME SSD etc. I play on medium-low settings as I prefer frames over beauty. I usually get 100 fps. My rig is silky smooth. But for the last few days I've been so jaggy and janky I have no idea what's going on. HALO Infinite is perfect. BF2042 is perfect. Other games I've played all perfect. DCS only since last update is janky and jaggy as hellllll. 3 second to 8 second pauses in game play. It's impossible to play. And it SEEMS to happen right before a "sound" is going to play. Example, as I pull the trigger, it's like the game is cuing up the "gun sound" and causes a lag. Then just before RWR sound, it pauses for a second and I get the RWR sound. Very weird. Anyone else?
  6. If not, why not? This top-secret stuff cannot be real. If you want to spend time in the sim doing it, you can MAKE the EM charts within DCS yourself. So I'm wondering if ED does it, and if not why not. Someone should do it. I don't have the knowhow really.
  7. I can fly the Mi-8 almost as well as that. IMO the DCS Hind flies like absolute trash, and ED should be ashamed of themselves for not fixing the controls and the trimmer button for so long after release. Love Huey and Mi-8. I'm competent with the Hind... But I absolutely hate flying the Hind. Wish I could refund it.
  8. HOWWWWWWWW is this not fixed? How How How How How? How is anyone enjoying this module while it flies like this? I feel so ripped off by this module because of this. FIX IT ED. With a hotfix. Immediately.
  9. Well, I've experienced all of these things myself.
  10. It's basically doing what the Shark does, and adding in +10% of whatever cyclic deflection you have when you "blip" the trimmer. So "holding and releasing" works, just like the Shark. But it SHOULD behave like the Mi8. Especially because, after all, it's simply a trim method that's being "aped" to help center-stick joystick operators. IMO this is a stupid area of the "sim" to try to be "accurate."
  11. How was this missed before release and how was it not squashed on day one?
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