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  1. Ya mine is fully updated. I just scrapped it and went back to Steamvr and everything is fine now. Performance is smoother as well.
  2. I didnt follow the videos instructions at all. I did what it said on the first page.
  3. I did rename it and used the only D3Dcompiler_47 file I could find listed in the first page from V.04 since the original composite download file didnt have the D3D file int here. I watched VR Flight Sim GUys video and his compsoite folder already had the D3D file in there he dragged into the bin folder.
  4. I just installed everything and did the clean repair through Skates updater utility. I am getting these frequent crash messages now.
  5. Ya I dont have as good of a rig as some of you but mine really took a hit. I am lucky to get 30fps with a lot of settings turned off or down with my G2 at 80% SS in steamvr The NVG in the IHADDS really hits it hard.
  6. BMGZ06

    AH-64D VR

    Im seeing a max of 30fps right now and worse with the IHADDS night vision turned on. Didnt change any settings and in the F18 I can get a pretty consistent 40-45 in most situations in my G2 with 80% SS in steam and no shadows in game. This is very demanding for sure. Not very enjoyable in VR
  7. It should be - " Willie" as others have said for William Driskoll since the only other Vietnam WSO ace was named...Jeff "Fang" Feinstein. I think the choice is clear here. Also " WIllie" will not only help you kill Migs but he can normally weld anything and swap a engine in a 59 Camaro in under 4 hours. A "Jeff Feinstein" does your taxes or checks your prostate.
  8. Well I have not even gotten mine yet. I just ordered a week ago.
  9. Dang that is not good to hear. Making me regret not paying with my credit card over debit card.
  10. This happened to me last night but after i had just updated to the latest Vaicom patch. Check you config tab to see if if the little white Slider switch on the lower right is set to the proper DCS version either release or Openbeta. Mine was set to release but i run openbeta. I then reset the Lua and keywords only just for good measure and restarted vaicom and DCS and everything was working as it should. Posting screenshots of each of the tabs for Vaicom to see what you have set would help as well.
  11. I just had issues with VA last night when i decided to update to the latest Vaicom release again. Sometimes it was working as normal where button press to give command then release then it switched and the button press disabled listening. Also was Recognizing "Batumi" then when I said "Select" it would error and say "Dubai" or another PG map airfield is not recognized or some crap. Anyway it was down to the fact that as others have said I did not have "Open Beta" slider selected in the config window. Once I did that I reset the lua and keywords then launched it again and ran the "test" function to find missing aliases and everything seems to work as normal. Also if you are in Multiplayer make sure that the MP Only checkbox is not checked off in the config window.
  12. Your response combined with your profile picture is so perfect.lol
  13. I would and have expressed support and enthusiasm for player flown tankers for awhile now.
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