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  1. It seems the cloud patterns are seeded randomly at the start of each mission @Nodak, making it hard to do a re-run and get the same result each time.
  2. I had some trees in my test image here ..but they don't show any difference in before/after with the left/right view sent to the headset. I just thought it worth mentioning that there was data from outside the cockpit as well. Not sure why that would offend. Apologies if so.
  3. There are trees in the test image, are they not good trees? So to confirm, you don't see any improvement in the cockpit, just in the outside view alone? What headset do you use? Maybe this is an Aero Varjo update thing?
  4. Sure, as there are physical displays and lenses involved. But surely the changes can't be so tiny that there's not a single pixel difference between two 4K before and after images? That doesn't need the mirror to be exactly like the brain perceives things, just different in before/after. Move that swipe back and forth and see.. https://github.com/fearlessfrog/dcs-vrdirectx-compare/commit/25046e4a8d6e14363605ef78b87ae62d8ce00507 If the explanation is 'it is so tiny in color saturation you can't see it even mathematically in the VR mirror' or 'You need to be not on the ground' then it moves it more into VR homeopathy I think. Anyway, please do test away as the whole area is really interesting.
  5. Yep, it's possible for sure. If you are redoing your drivers and can capture this with a VR mirror (I think you mentioned it earlier in this topic) then that would be ideal. Holla if you want an image compare tool etc. as happy to help.
  6. You'd admit though that the VR headset doesn't actually have a little helicopter in it with a mini Caucasus region stuffed in there though, right? It's showing your left and right eyes two separate images, and the difference between them creates an impression of depth. The VR mirror is a direct copy of the buffers given to the two displays in the headset. Not being rude, but where do you think the 3D image then comes from? I know I sound a bit facetious here, but I'm trying to find some common ground. I don't mean any offence just curious on how you arrived at that. Is your hardware the same? Maybe it's a difference in that, e.g. headset or something? EDIT: Ah, see your edit - you have something good but don't want to help others have the same, or are at all curious on how it works. No worries, sorry for the bother.
  7. As this is just for fun.. Win10, Nvidia 3080Ti, HP Reverb G2, OXR via oc-acc - you can use the 'Swipe' or 'Onion Skin' tools at the bottom to see the difference between the first 'off' and 'on' images. I rebooted between them and used Supmua's imported profile. For me personally I don't see any 3D perspective difference here. DCS open beta latest, Apache cold start, with some random differences in clouds maybe? https://github.com/fearlessfrog/dcs-vrdirectx-compare/commit/25046e4a8d6e14363605ef78b87ae62d8ce00507 I am not claiming that others aren't seeing stuff, just trying to quantify the change for me personally.
  8. The VR mirror shows the left and right eye images. A screenshot of it before / after the profile change would then differ enough to show how the 3D effect for you is different? I think I understand where you are coming from now. Thanks for the original tip, and I hope people enjoy the improvements they see.
  9. You seem to have misunderstood what I am saying. I never mentioned a placebo effect or people not seeing a change. I just said that the reason you are seeing the change isn't anything to do with using a V-Rally Nvidia 3D Glasses 1998 released 2D game profile settings. It's more likely that you are just inadvertently fixed your previous profile setting through this process. Running nvinspector and doing the 'apply' has maybe updated/overwritten previous values that were broke for you? I don't mind/care/object (delete as applicable) that people are enjoying this, good on them, but others don't want just a 'feeling' based explanation akin to something like 'VR homeopathy'. There's a lot of that going on in the world already and sometimes it's worth some discussion on the 'why'. If anyone can grab a static scene using the VR mirror and upload a before / after image then the differences should be obvious with a compare. For me the process didn't work, so I can't do that (I'm a Capricorn if that helps).
  10. Hey don't shoot the messenger here folks but I'm fairly sure none of these nvidia profile settings have any impact on VR with DCS or any app. What's probably happening is that applying a profile change in inspector is then going back to all profile all defaults, and for some that's improving the experience. So I'm not discounting it might be better or different for people, just that these values do anything VR related at all and the 'reset' profile is what's happening. Even the profile that people are having success with of 'VRdirectx' is a bit of a misunderstanding. 'VRdirectx' the exe appname of a title called 'V-Rally: Edition 99' from 1998 and for the Nvidia 3D Vision specs (the polarized lens ones, that introduced a pseudo 3D effect using depth buffers in old 2D games during that 3D TV fashion time we had). https://www.mobygames.com/game/v-rally-edition-99. So the 'V R' here is meaning 'V-Rally', so dust off your 3DFX Voodoo cards! I checked with Microsoft's mbucchia (one of the authors of OXR Toolkit a lot of us use with DCS) and his thoughts were: Anyway, just wanted to pass that on if people get annoyed they don't see a difference with this.
  11. I'm enjoying this campaign and the Viggen very much. I'm having trouble contacting my flight to attack their target on Mission 3 (the RB4 ships one). Here's what I've tried: - Checked Easy Comms is off. - Can successfully talk to ATC via the A/G button depress, and can taxi out, get good radio comms (F22 PTT etc). - Successfully manually tune the radio using the '-' button and the dials, in that I can talk to other ATCs fine. - I press '1' on the top row for 'Special 1' as that was mentioned in the briefing as my flight frequency. I never get a response from my flight, so wondering what I'm doing wrong? I opened the mission in the editor and it seems that the preset for Special 1 is different to the flights '124 AM' frequency defined for the flight. I tried both manually (using the '-' button) but no luck. What else to try? Can anyone else talk to their flight in this mission?
  12. Just tried this and it looks great. Thank you @Devrim It seems the radio and QFE instrument figures are broken though? I get a QFE reading of 8992 and can't dial it down to a good value? Installed the Viggen update on 29th Dec 2021, so not sure if was ok before that. EDIT: Ah, I see it's been noticed and there is a workaround and an update planned - cool!
  13. Hotfix likely next week sounds great. Thanks. Happy Xmas @Cobra847 and the rest of the team, plus to all those here in DCS land.
  14. Ah this would explain why the training missions I tried don't work. I thought I was doing something wrong navigation-wise. Any chance it could a DLL 'meet me in the alley' fix, rather than having to wait till New Year for a ED hotfix?
  15. Mine worked from since I got the Reverb, so at least 9 months. Then about 5 weeks ago, always crashes. It's really weird and I'm definitely in the minority of it happening, but no luck in tracking down what is causing it. Could be hardware I guess, some tolerance etc.
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