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  1. Hi, I have noted that the HUD don't show the tacan info in the training lessons and also during the missions. Its a known bug to be fixed? Thank you
  2. The hud don't show tacan info in the training lesson 'tacan and adf navigation' on HSI all the tacan info are visible. 2. Pressing the tacan button tacan on display is not boxed as the trainer voice say.
  3. Yes you are right. I have checked in the settings and "unlimited weapons " were activated":doh:
  4. I tried to launch casually to a building using the training option of DCS (it is very difficult while Flying to lock that tank cause the swing of Aircraft) from high altitude the KR500 bomb is dropped with voice…..LA authorized and soon after launch i go to out view of SU25 T and the bomb is dropped but after a while the bomb come back and attach again to the Aircraft! Very funny! This is a bug that is not resolved in this 2.5.6 version of DCS
  5. Hi all, I wish to buy this Aircraft F18 Hornet but i see that fly the SU25 T the immortality option don't work in DCS world 2.5 latest version and georgian oil war champain i tried also to edit the mission with "enforce" but don't work. Fly this Aircraft the immortality option works in the available champains for this Aircraft? Thank you
  6. I tried as suggested by discwalker editing the mission using "enforce" but don't work unfortunately.
  7. In the training flights i have found until now that the kab500kr guided bomb don't hit the second tank on the airport runway with lock and tried and tried in every possible way, and also the laser guidance don't work. I have to try others weapons in the training hope that perhaps 1 works fine until the training is end. Seems that this problem of weapons malfunction is common in dcs world.
  8. Thanks Haptor and Discwalker for yours help. Probably in the georgian oil war the su 25t option immortal works as Haptor suggested. I will try then i will let you know. Anyway i will buy also the F18 hornet is amazing and surely a lot of fun.
  9. Hello, This aircraft has the option 'immortal' working? No problem? I want buy this aircraft but using the dcs world 2.5 scenery and georgian oil war with SU 25T Aircraft this immortal option don't work in single player mode. 2) which campaigns is possible to fly to buy plus the one free included? Thank You
  10. I ask in the f 18 hornet forum.
  11. Ok, do you know if this problem is caused by DCS world 2.5.5 or is specifically of SU 25T Aircraft? Is my intention to buy the F 18 hornet so i need to be sure that this option now is working. Thank You
  12. Hello, I report that in the georgian oil war the option immortal don't work fly this default aircraft. Thank You
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