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Dual monitors , cant click anything

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Hello ,


I have a dual monitor setup, one of them being 1920x1200 (primary) and one being 1920x1080 (an old TV i just hooked up becouse i could).


I've been playing DCS (and all my games for that matter) on my primary screen with my other one just for web browsing/etc.


Now i want to try to get my MFCD's in the A10 (and su25t and KA50 preferrably too) to show up on my secondary screen , however , even if i put both monitors to the same resolution (1920x1080) my mouse clicks seem to be "off". I cant select an airplane in the flyable airplanes list at the very start of the mission , nor can i click any buttons in the escape pause menu. I tried moving my mouse around the screen to see if i just need to click somewhere else but no luck.


Any ideas? I found a old thread where someone said i need to activate Nvidia surround , but that's only possible with 3 screens and i only have 2.


Thanks in advance for reading

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Looks great , thanks a lot!


Edit : I just read the PDF , but my problem isnt really answered by it, i dont see anything mouse-related. My problem isnt that i cant get one of my MFD's to appear on my second screen , its that my mouse cant click anything when i do.


Edit 2 : Turns out i just had to swap my 2 screens around in their windows orientation , now i can use that PDF file's info to tweak the MFDs so they dont look streched out.

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