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Weapon Loadouts - No Rockets?


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Personally I'd love to see R4M instead, if they were ever employed on actual Dora.


Wfr. Gr. 21 was not the nicest weapon around... Funky to aim with, low velocity & range, containers caused a lot of drag...


I hope I'm not hijacking thread but, since it's called weapon loadouts, I'd like to ask what I've been wondering : Will we get AB 250 or AB 500 cluster bomblet containers? Were they operational on Dora?

Wishlist: F-4E Block 53 +, MiG-27K, Su-17M3 or M4, AH-1F or W circa 80s or early 90s, J35 Draken, Kfir C7, Mirage III/V

DCS-Dismounts Script

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