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Understanding lua (Views) Files


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In reference to these tow lines in: View.lua


UseDefaultSnapViews = false


ExternalViewAngleDefault = 60.0




- Is 60.0 degree FOV fixed for all scenarios, or can you change it ?

- If changable: does changing 60.0 to another FOV setting take effect only if "UseDefaultSnapViews = true"

- If "UseDefaultSnapViews = false"; is "ExternalViewAngleDefault = 60.0" still used (or ignored) ?




In reference to items 6 & 13 in: SnapViews.lua in USER-Saved Games Folder



[6] = {--LWin + Num5 : Snap View 5

viewAngle = 75.000000,--FOV


Comment: I assume this setting for SnapView Num5 is either default or your modification (thru LWin + Num5 and the RAlt +


0). Can anyone verify my understanding ?


[13] = {--default view

viewAngle = 85.000000,--FOV


Comment: I think I have this FOV setting figured out - it is the interior Cockpit (Pilot) View that the sim Auto-Zooms (within first 5 seconds of starting to Fly) to. And I assume this setting only makes a difference if "UseDefaultSnapViews = false" (in View.lua). Confirmation Please ?




I touched on these issues in a related Forum Thread .......;


Discrepancy in Visual Perception of Range depending on Cockpit versus Chase View.



........... but was wondering if anyone could clarify or vector me to the technical documentation better explaining the (Views) lua files.



Thank You !



Igor4U !

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