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trying to get Velocity value


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I have a script where I am trying to get the velocity of a vehicle. I have been trying to use getVelocity() to no avail, but what is weird is that :getLife() does return the proper value.


So, why would: player.Unit:getLife() work where player.Unit:getVelocity() will not. They are in the same spot in the code, switching one value for the other.


Thanks for any help you can provide,


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getVelocity() returns a table of a units velocity vector. If you are using mist you can use mist.vec.mag() on the value returned from getVelocity() to use velocity as a numerical value.

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Whoot! its returning a value, but seems to be little less then half of the F2 Knots indication;

Example, Flying over trigger in P51-

In cockpit: 250 mph

F2 indicates: 216 knots

Value from mist.vec.mag(player.Unit:getVelocity()) - 111.0485


Looks like if I multiply times 1.95 will get a value close enough to work with.


Thanks Grimes!

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111.0485 are m/s, which is exactly about 215 knots (nautical miles/hour), that also are 248 ground miles per hour.


Everything seems correct, if the P51 indicator in ground miles/h and not in kn.


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