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  1. As stated earlier, on prop aircraft, when available, trim RUDDER first to center the ball. This is particularly true with the Mustang. I rarely have to trim aileron in the mustang unless there is an uneven weight distribution issue or damaged wing. PS: And on aircraft where rudder trim is not available, input rudder to center the ball.
  2. Regarding the pylons. It is not intended behavior, but is what it is due to mod item creation limitations. It is not possible to reliably track whether an aircraft hit a pylon if you make the pylon non-collidable. To get a true reading on if it was hit or not, they need to be collidable, unfortunately, there is no inbetween. Believe me, Grinnelli has tried for years for a better solution. Some have tried to use trigger zones to detect if an aircraft hit a pylon or not. This has 2 problems. Number one problem, the aircraft is only seen as its central point (not the whole aircraft) when registering whether it is in the trigger zone or not. If you setup the zone for a wings level flight to hit the pylon, an aircraft flying past in knife edge would still trigger a hit when indeed it did not. Or if you set it up so a knife edge aircraft can pass by it ok, then the wings level aircraft can hit it without penalty. 2nd problem is that at the speeds the edge flies at, it can pass through the small pylon trigger area without registering it was in it. So, we went with the option, that hitting a pylon is usually enough of a penalty, that it puts you out of the competitive range, so it just instant DNF's you instead. Though not preferred, it is 100% reliable in its accuracy (barring netcode issues) if the client makes contact with it.
  3. Working with him on this via our Discord. Possible missing Microsoft library issue. Investigating.
  4. Yeah, decals are more than just a slap on thing. They are internally coded to read a parameter provided by the user in the Mission editor when the aircraft is setup. They have specific places on the aircraft that they are setup for and read a specific .DDS file that has ALL of the possible options of the parameter available. Usually the numbers and possibly letters so that they can be displayed as provided. You could redo the file, but are still restricted to the location and space available for that decal location.
  5. Couple things. 1st, I do not think you can just add the DECAL type to anything, that it has to be setup in the .EDM to allow it (really not sure on this point though). Second, (If you CAN assign the decal to any part) that last statement should be false if it is not a default file for that aircraft. Also, did you provided the file "Wrench Decal.dds" (or equivalent compatible file type) in with the livery directory?
  6. Had not heard that one before. It is responsive to either/both Rudder and brake inputs. As a free mod, this will probably not be developed that much further. We have real world aerobatic pilots that have flown the the Edge mod, though it is not 100%, it is believable.
  7. I agree, I prefer that they keep it subtle, even if they do go with a "bit" of flutter just for sense of movement. Either way, it would be nice if they could standardize their effect for "ALL" of their propeller aircraft.
  8. This should be fixed in the latest 1.1 update, but the patch fix is in this post, see attached file: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4394071&postcount=34 PS: Just looked at the current 1.1 download and looks like the fix did NOT get put in yet. Will get with them to correct that situation. Just download the attached file from that post, place it into the directory indicated and should be good to go.
  9. Correct, I was mainly answering the question of how long it took for them to open and their starting position. I did assume they knew the switch is in "automatic", meaning the door would start to close, but if they turned it off prior to start or VERY shortly there after, they would not have to wait for them to open because they already were.
  10. Another item on the "To Do" list.
  11. Brakes ARE available to be set to keyboard commands, particularly on the V1.1 version that has Left/Right/Both settings available. V1.0 brakes were admittedly a work in progress.
  12. Currently, the Edge needs to be flown with Axis commands. Keyboard commands have to be internally coded to work, the user can not just add them in. The developers have seen this and will look into adding keyboard commands for more functions, but this may take a while.
  13. Skins can not be handed out through the mission as far as I have ever seen. (Mission building since 2013). To have the server enforce labels: Config\View\Labels.lua For Kneeboards: KNEEBOARD\IMAGES (Or specific Aircraft name, same as used for the livery folder)\{image files for the kneeboard} There might be more, these are the ones that I have used. Good luck.
  14. You didnt find this one? https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3803319&postcount=6 See attached files if you have not already. Also, I'm sure the graphics guys could improve them even further, I am no pro in photoshop.
  15. This is not true though, Depending on the visualization system (Flat screen vs VR or 1080p vs 4k resolution) you have will different capabilities of seeing the targets. Thus, labels, if done right, can equalize the playing field without detracting to much from reality. So, right now it comes down to who has the right PC hardware to see the targets at the correct distances. AND could be made even better if they would make just a couple changes to how labels are displayed as I have already mentioned.
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