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[Mission Editor] - bullseyes, what are they for, what do they do, how do they work?

Raven Morpheus

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In short, it's a way of describing a position without letting the other side know what you are talking about. If I said "10 miles north of London", you could visualize what I mean. However, If I said "Bullseye 210 for 50" - i.e. 50 miles bearing 210 FROM the bullseye, then unless you know where the bullseye is, you have no idea what point I'm referring to (and neither does the enemy).

For the sake of mission planning, setting the bullseye position over a well known location helps to build up your situational awareness (with practice). For example, if you set the bullseye over a specific airfield and you got a call saying "Outlaw Bullseye 045 for 20" you'd know it's 20 miles NE of the airfield.

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I have been digging through a few missions in the mission editor and I noticed they all seem to have a bullseye, but it doesn't always seem to be related to anything in particular to do with the mission.


Does anyone have a guide on what bullseyes do, how they work, and what they are used for?



The Bullseye is just a common, shared reference point for all flights in a given area/theatre. I like to set it at an easily identifiable geographical location so that you "see the bullseye" directly on the ground and can more easily anticipate the relative coordinates that might be given to me. It also makes sense to set it not too far away nor too close to "the action" - as it makes relative coordinates inprecise (i.e. 43 deg. 800 miles ... wtf? But also: 43 deg. 0.01 miles ...)


How defining the Bullseye is usually handled in RL, I can not say. It might change occassionally, depending on mission demands (moving front lines, to hamper enemy intelligence, etc.).

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Not adding anything really to what has been explained but underlining a feature of the bullseye...

...the advantage is that it the same reference for everybody (on your team).

So if I would try to warn 5 pilots of a threat using BRA calls I would have to make one for each individually but a bullseye call I can just shoot out there and everybody knows whats going on.

In the A10C for example you can cycle through the courser modes on your TAD to easily read or project bullseye calls.

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