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Russian Cockpit - Misspelling


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As the title says, this thread is to report any misspelling present in the Russian cockpit.


1. Switch RV19 currently reads РВ МПН should read РВ МРП which stands for РадиоВысотомер Маркерный РадиоПриемник




2. Lamp RV70 currently reads ЗАЖИГ. БИКЛЮЧ. should read ЗАЖИГ. ВЫКЛЮЧ. which stands for Зажигание Выключить




3. Tooltip for LH60 cover is in English should read Защитная крышка - Сброс Ускорителя






Please double check all of my findings before fixing - I am relying on documents/images that may also be incorrect.


Hope this helps,



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This helps a ton.


It's a huge headache to not know any Cyrillic or Russian and working on these textures.

The testing team found a ton during the testing process already, but I did not manage to fix them all in time. These are new, however.




Nicholas Dackard


Founder & Lead Artist

Heatblur Simulations



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1. Tooltip for switch CM51.


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Настоящий летчик-испытатель должен свободно летать на всем, что только может летать, и с некоторым трудом на том, что, вообще говоря, летать не может.

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Texture “Mig-21-cockpit_027”. One single texture. So many bugs.



I am sorry for my poor English. It is hard for me to correctly describe every error I found. Fixing them myself is so much easier.:doh:

So I made layered *.PSD with all needed changes (attached in *.ZIP). Also “ready to use” *.DDS included, but it based on compressed texture so quality can suffer.


Desription of bugs:



There two versions of that texture: old (*.bmp.dds, can be seen on pre-release screenshots, lots of misspelling) and new (*.tga.dds, current version, partially fixed). Half of errors are fixed in new version, but some still present and even added new bugs/flaws.

On attached picture, parts with bugs/errors are marked in red. Areas where errors are fixed marked green and partially fixed areas are purple.


Errors still present:

1. КРИМ (И instead of Ы probably Ukrainian spelling) , should read КРЫМ (Russian spelling). Other than that, РУС and ГЕО should be РОС (РОССИЯ - Russia) and ГРУ or ГРУЗ (ГРУЗИЯ - Georgia).

2. РАДИОСТАНЦИЯА АЕРОДРОМ should read РАДИОСТАНЦИЯ АЭРОДРОМА in both cases (left and right). Currently left part changed (but still has error) and right part unchanged.

3. МИНВОДИ should read МИНВОДЫ (or МИН.ВОДЫ which stands for Минеральные Воды). This entry was corrected, but instead of replacing wrong entry, it added beneath replacing correct МОЗДОК entry. Now both wrong and corrected variants are present, and no entry for МОЗДОК.

4. Aeroflot logo and text. Logo was removed (masked by stamp) but text still readable. I suggest masking it too (with dirt/stain for example). Because there is no way military fighter aircraft can have something supplied by Aeroflot.

Other than that, new “corrected” texture has some problems with font mismatch. Edited parts use slightly different font (probably same font but different antialiasing/blend settings and size).



I completely remade all corrections myself using “old” texture as base. But since a have to work with lossy-compressed DXT1/DXT5 *.DDS files I do not think quality is good enough. So I provide *.PSD with all changes as separate layers which can be used to alter original source file.


I do not know what legal complications can arise when using someone’s work in commercial product. So “just in case” some legal mumbo-jumbo:

I present this files (*.PSD and *.DDS graphical images) which contain some part of my work to Leatherneck Simulations completely free of charge. I grant every right to convert, modify or use them in any other way to Leatherneck Simulations without further notice or mentioning of my work.

Hope this is enough to prevent any questions.:)


EDIT: overlooked one more problem! For nubers simbol should be used instead of НО. In this case it should NOT be cyrillic.

Updated *.PSD.



Edited by Mordhar

Рожденный ползать летит недолго.

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