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Modified Keyboard Commands


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My MiG-21bis lets me change keyboard keystroke commands for various functions, but in many instance it neither responds to the command change, nor does it save the change when I go back and re-check the settings.


The when I reset the default - they don't seem to work.


I've had many problems trying to reset Jettison (inner/outer pylons) and Drag Chute Release command.



Just curious if this is because of 3rd Party status and the MiG-21 just isn't integrated as well as native DCS World Warbirds ?


Never rule Operator Error - but wondering if anyone else had trouble resetting Keyboard Commands.

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Yeah - sometimes (despite being properly remapped), modified key commands cease to function.




I changed Keyboard Gear Up/Down commands as Follows:


- Gear Up = "U"

- Gear Down = "G"


Yesterday it was working fine.

Today, Gear Up (U) stopped working.


Checked Config - Inputs - MiG-21 - Keyboard - Keyboard.diff.lua and it showed Gear Up to be Valid "U".


I'll recheck tomorrow. Maybe just a Hiccup !

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OK - Got it !


The MiG-21 here is very realistic in that it requires "Real World" multiple actions to Raise the Gear.


1. Gear Lock Disengage (Up Position)

2. Gear Up

3. Gear Lock Neutral (Middle Position)


So I assigned single sequential (Left to Right) keys: "E" "R" "T" (R =- Retract)


But the MiG-21 does deviate from the standard DCS World key commands for Gear Toggle Up/Down= "G"


No Gear Toggle Option in MiG-21.

Gear Up and Down are separate mutually exclusive commands/actions.


*** Note: I should have read this Post:


How to retract the gears?


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