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Speed cheat sheet


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Hey guys!


Here's another cheat sheet that I created for myself.

Unfortunately I'm not exactly fast in mental arithmetic, in real life I would never have become a fighter pilot, like most of us I guess.


In the attached cheat sheet you can find conversions from and to knots, km/h, nautical miles per minute, kilometers per minute, and Mach numbers.


Sounds simple, and it is. So what is it good for?

Well, some of us, including me, have problems when the ATC says

"fly heading 168 for 10"

because we don't have any idea how far 10 nm are, especially when you are sitting in a russian plane that gives you kilometers per hour as speeds.


So those of us who don't need this cheat sheet can just do the following math in their heads:

- airpeed is 500 km/h, 1 km/h is 0.54 knots, so 500 km/h is around 270 knots.

- a knot is a nautical mile per hour, so 270 knots means some 4.5 nautical miles per minute.

- so I have to fly heading 168 for two minutes.


I don't know about you, but I cannot do this. By the time I have solved that math the two minutes are already over.


So what I do is: I pick my speed in km/h or knots from the chart, then look how many miles per minute that is.

500 km/h means 5 nm per minute, so I have to fly heading 168 for two minutes.


This chart is not entirely accurate, it is rounded. If it isn't precise enough for you, you can tell Excel to include more digits.

EDIT: And as you may already have noticed: This is TAS. But you all know the rules for TAS->IAS conversion I guess. ;)


Maybe it is useful for you as well, try it and tell me what you think. :)


EDIT: slim version in this post:



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Nice idea!


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Thanks guys.

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This matrix is referred ONLY to seal level.

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The majority of Seals don't fly, they generally jump out of things. ;)

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