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event hit when invulverable


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I've tested what is written in the subject, it does not show a hit event when a player gets hit, but it does show a hit event when an AI gets hit.


First, anyone knows why?

Second, is there any chance ED knows about it and are working to fix it?

If none of the above, I would like to report it as a bug or problem with the design.

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1. I don't know why. Best guess is it could have to do with the global invulnerable setting vs the group option.


2. They do now.

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Hello. It seems that it's a Multiplayer related issue.

You get the hit event on an AI with the immortal option on ,only if you are a host or in SP. Tested in another server and joined as a client. When I shot to an immortal AI I coundnt track the hit event.


Also it seems it doesn't work with humans vs humans if noone of them is the host.

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