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EWR only for Mig-21 and CAS units

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Hi guys. I see a lot of MP missions online and the servers don't use the EWR for the Mig-21. That's wrong cuz this aircraft was made like a interceptor defensive tactic.


We have the situation that a lot of our 4 generation pilots enjoy more the missions where they have to search by their self the air targets... But is not the case of the Mig-21 pilots...


I am trying a mission with a different frequency for the EWR via trigger but the FC3 fighters keep getting the EWR alert.


My idea is set the same frequency for the Mig-21, A-10, Su-25 units linked with the same frequency of the EWR, while the big fighters keep out of frequency forcing them search with their own radar.


It this possible????


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I am not sure what you mean with EWR alert. I suspect you speak of the EWR emissions appearing on the RWR.

- Issuing some communications frequency will not prevent the EWR appearing on your RWR.

- EWR do appear on RWR regardless of being friendly or foe

- Currently it is impossible to get a (ground based) EWR working for any blue side unit, you will have to keep an AWACS airborne to guide blue side units towards contacts. EWR only works for red side forces. This bug isn't affected by the aircraft you chose.


Also: You can't keep out FC3 aircraft out of "different" frequencies. They are desgined to receive everything which is transmitted by their own side forces, regardless the frequency.

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