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  1. Unfortunately DCS has no capability to create short track files. Things happen suddenly during flights. I understand that the current replay system makes reviewing tracks a chore but to avoid enduring this I am afraid ED needs to improve the track system.
  2. can anybody comment if he ever experienced this? I just had this and there was no way to exit ACM. NWS didn't help, selecting different weapons didn't help, DDI inputs where ignored. I think it started while switching to AIM-9 while already in ACM mode. At first the selection of AIM-9 quit any radar/ACM symbology on the HUD. When I then tried to cure it by switching around ACM and also NWS back to RWS/TWS, I noticed I am stuck in ACM on the DDI and no ACM/radar symbology on the HUD... I have a track file but its very long and while I tried to review it, but the necessary fast forwarding obviously desynched the track with what really happened (air2air refueled flying 200 ft above the tanker, then later fell into the sea, which never happened...)
  3. Doesn't mean people shouldn't maintain to express their interest to give ED reasons to reconsider some time into the future.
  4. This is the crappiest radar I saw in any of my DCS module so far. I can't even detect a MiG21 which is in visual range ahead of my nose. It's basically blind. Can we get rid of it to enjoy a lighter aircraft This way we then maybe can at least make flying this brick a bit more enjoyable...
  5. Whenever I receive any damage, I always lose engine power and this means game over.
  6. Razbam found an efficient way to do it in their Mirage: giving the increase direction much higher speed than the decrease direction...
  7. I think the stability during landing approaches has decreased. You have to adjust throttle constantly in APP mode and still the AoA-guide brackets will run up and down erratically, no mater how gentle you apply adjustments. Also the necessary throttle to keep her on the glide slope at approach speed seems to have increased. I am always short of pushing throttle into afterburner to maintain angle on speed.
  8. This is how it looked until recently. You could somewhat conveniently simply open the F10 map, switch to MGRS coord display and then locate these sites (Hawk sites for example) Now the MGRS coords have been sacrificed for some random unit ID numbers. So you can't really locate them anymore.
  9. It was so convenient to see the MSGR "XY12" coordinates in the kneeboard for friendly radar sites outside of airfields. Now this has changed and there are only some 4 digit numbers added. What is this about? Is that an intentional change or a bug? How am I supposed to quickly see where this station is located?
  10. please watch: 20220726_010506.mp4
  11. Rongor


    It doesn't matter if SP or MP. If you don't use easy comms (which you stated you don't) you need to set the correct frequency
  12. Rongor

    FBW test bad!

    actually it was explained to you by an automatic kneeboard pop up after the recent 2 patches...
  13. Rongor


    You were on the wrong frequency then I guess
  14. didn't know search in English means police in French
  15. you have to hold the disconnect button while pressing any of the AP mode buttons
  16. Had this too. It happened when I entered one of these modes when coming from a 30° HA scope. Returning into HA, then widen the HA scope back to 60 degrees and then returning to the ACM modes brought the clutter back. I can't tell though if any of this affected the functionality of the radar at all, since the clutter graphics might be of cosmetic relevance only anyway
  17. Simply turn the knob a bit further in both directions. At one point the script will be satisfied with your setting and continues
  18. I do, but this is the wrong thread to tell you.
  19. click on the remove flag, hold LMB and drag the flag away from the seat. done.
  20. page 25-27... you'd want to flip the fuel transfer sequence selector switch down to BIDONS
  21. I don't think whoever wrote this had a clue what he wants to convey
  22. volume dials on radio selector panel don't work
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