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  1. The moment you know where the enemy is (have him locked with radar), maintain a higher altitude and accelerate. The higher you are, the less air density your missile will have to overcome, the faster you are, the more acceleration can be added to the missile by its rocket motor after launch, this means a longer range and more energy to maneuver if the enemy is evasive. Optional: You can shoot first at max range in the hope to make him turn away. This missile won't hit him but he is busy being defensive while you are closing in preparing the lethal launch on him Launch at no-escape range. Since your Fox1 needs you continuing to fly towards him, prepare to use your cm dispenser for his likely answer. If he doesn't have a radar lock on you, focusing on flares makes sense, as it is likely he might shoot a Fox2 on you. Practice to maneuver without losing radar track of him. This is all very shallow but could be some entry into this matter.
  2. I'll leave it here for anybody else aiming to do this: in the current DMPS version (v0.4.3.1) it is line 5170 in your Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts\Hooks\DMPS-hook.lua Thanks Bailey, this is a great tool you created. Hoping for ED to show appreciation for your efforts as well...
  3. What do I have to do if I don't want the ingame-DMPS window to show up right after starting DCS all the time? It's kind of annoying having to close it whenever I start DCS. I am not always flying Mirage
  4. alternative steps, including only official stuff: -get the beta installer from ED https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/ -install the beta -during installation the installer will copy all stuff not needed to download from your vanilla installation
  5. I can only recommend to take the plunge and simply install the OpenBeta as well. Especiallly since you are not on Steam. It's not like the installation will download everything again. You basically install a second version of DCS, paralllel to your stable version. During installation the openbeta will simply copy everything equal over from your stable installation folder. Just don't forget to copy your controls settings too, or you will have to bind everything again. OpenBeta is not only the way to enjoy all the new stuff earlier, it also gives you access to many grand MP servers otherwise closed to you. Let's go: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/beta/ further info:
  6. Has anybody flying the A-10C II ever experienced a single engine failure after receiving damage? I did so back then in the A-10C module. Yet since we got the Tank Killer update I ALWAYS lose both engines, never a single one in case I receive combat damage.
  7. parking brake was on, you can see it in the pic
  8. Update after today's OB patch: -TSD wind display seems correct now, also matching windsocks, which are also showing actual wind direction as expected in real world. -PERF wind vector is still opposite direction, 180° offset to TSD -IHADDS is now displaying TAS on the ground, which seems to be correct. In this setting, wind direction was indeed west (as in coming from the west)
  9. That's the L for laser Hellfire. It doesn't even display the channel in this moment, only if I assume Hellfire control
  10. in fact none of the pushbuttons 1 to 15 seem to do anything. I guess a is missing and including this test into the training mission and in the checklist without this advisory could prevent confusion.
  11. If it is not simulated, why then did they include it in the checklist? Without marking it with their symbology from page 16 This would save confusion...
  12. Item 20 in the cold start checklist: What's the point of this second test? 1. The LIDS caution already lit up in the preceding LTS TEST (item 2) 2. There is no 'wait' for the LIDS caution, it lights up in the instant you switch the LTS TEST, so what are the 5 seconds needed for? There is no delay, so I assume no circuitry is checked.
  13. Item 39 of the cold start checklist tells me to uncage the SAI 1 minute after power on. Yet it is already uncaged. 12.3.1 Cockpit preparation doesn't address standby instruments, so everybody doing a cold start will have an uncaged SAI right from the start and hence Item 39 doesn't make any sense in this regard.
  14. I did, see my first post. You need the parking brake on for alignment, regardless. I see. Would have been more clear this would be explained in the manual. Thanks
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