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Randomization between different targets


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Hi guys.


I want players to be able to fly out to an IP, (trigger 5000) and then recieve a mission in a randomized order so they can destroy the various tasks and sites I come up with..


I have set up a number of late activation units on different sites.

Lets say 3 different targets/missions as a start.


Each time a player reaches the IP, I want it to select:

-1 of the three+ mission sites to activate.

-only to select one that has not already been active.


I've allready used flag 1-5 for other stuff.


What would be the easiest way to do this? :smartass:



EDIT: Aww f... wrong place. Needs to be in mission builders corner - sorry.

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For a small number of missions/targets, you can just list every possible order (6 orders for 3 missions) and use a flag set random value to pick one order at the beginning of the mission.


For many missions, you could use a selector flag that takes a random value. A checker flag then checks to see if the random value matches a mission number. If it does, the flag corresponding to that mission gets set to zero and the checker is disabled. When the mission is complete, the checker is reactivated. If the checker is set to 1-3 for example, since the last mission was set to zero, it can never be selected again.

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