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How to report a bug (FAQ & Guide)


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So you want to help us out and report a bug, follow the guide below and help us squash some bugs! Nobody is required to report a problem, but it will help us greatly to have a wider sampling of systems and situations. Testing isn't always fun, so Open Beta might not be for everyone, there will be problems. If you don't think you will enjoy this, stick to the current release until Open Beta is moved there where it should be more stable.


How do I know my problem is a bug and needs reports?

Make sure your system and hardware are up to date, and that you meet the minimum specs. Make sure your Open Beta isn't running any modifications of any sort, your install should be clean (All 3rd Party modules are fine). Try to reproduce and/or search for similar reports first. If you are reporting a bug from the Stable branch, note and mods you might have installed, they can affect the report.


How do I copy all my campaign progress and controller profiles to the Beta?

Simple, you don't, with any update this is true, and more so with such a large change. Installing things from a previous install can compromise your install, making any testing useless, not to mention cause your sim to have an issue. Custom skins are fine though, and shouldn't hurt anything. There is even a .bat file floating around to help copy these and other things over, please don't use this, it is counterproductive to the testing and completion of Open Beta.


Where should I enter my report?

Pick the appropriate section in the DCS World Bugs & Problems Section, if its not 100% clear use the general section.


if you are having a problem, and it seems to be with a specific module, please put the bug in that modules specific sub-forum found here:


https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/22-digital-combat-simulator/, for WWII, https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/36-dcs-world-war-ii/, for DLC Campaigns https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/113-dlc-campaigns/, and for DLC Maps https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/125-dlc-maps/


or in the 3rd Party forum found here:




All others specific to the core game still go here.


How do I know my report hasn't been posted already?

Search the bug section using the forums search function, you can find it at the top right of the forum.


How should I title my reports?

Use short descriptive titles, don't try and explain the bug in the title, but also be descriptive enough that we can get the gist from the title.


Do I need to label my bug? Like [BUG] or [OPEN], etc

No, moderators will take care of that depending on time and need.


What do the Tags/Labels mean?

The Tag or label added to your post means someone is actively looking into it, now if your post doesn't get tagged, this doesn't mean its not being worked on or that it hasn't been reported though, we try to tag everything, but we don't always get to them before a bug is fixed or reported.

You might see the following tags added to your post:
[REPORTED] - This means the bug has been submitted to our internal reporting system
[INVESTIGATING] - This means we are trying to identify the problem, or if there is a problem
[MISSING INFO] - This means you have not given us all the items required to check the report, see below for requirements

[CANNOT REPRODUCE] - With your given info, we are unable to recreate the problem, this could mean its fixed internally or simple we are not seeing the same issue
[CORRECT AS-IS] - The issue, to the best of our knowledge and information is working as expected, and no other info has been given to say otherwise
[REPORTED EARLIER] - We are already aware of the issue and working on it or plan to work on it

[WIP] - This is a feature that is currently in development, and we are not accepting bugs at this time
[SOLVED] - The user, or another user has helped solve the issue on their own.

[MOD CONFLICT] - if the error is determined to be a user mod issue, this tag will be used.

[KNOWN] - This report is a duplicate of an item on the Known Issues list.


What do I need to tell the devs about the bug?

First, ONE BUG PER THREAD, when in doubt, create your own thread, if its a duplicate, we can merge them.

You need to supply the following:

  1. What happened that resulted in the issue? Again, short, clear and concise. Don't write a novel.
  2. What were you doing that caused, or seemed to cause the issue? Sometimes you won't know, sometimes it doesn't matter, but better to try and include it so ED Testers or Team can try to reproduce themselves.
  3. Could you reproduce it? Bugs should be reproducible, you should be able to have it happen to you again before reporting it.
  4. What module where are you using, and does it happen with others? If you get a bug with the A-10C try it with another module, it could be the A-10C causing the issue, it could be the sim, any investigating you do now, makes it quicker for ED to diagnose.

Also, must include:

  1. A Track: We would prefer a short one that shows the bug right away, if your track is very long, try to reproduce a short one showing the bug
  2. A screenshot: In some cases, a screenshot is enough, most times the devs prefer a track so they can watch and jump in or run on their debug version though
  3. A video: If you really can't make a good track of the issue, sometimes a video will be enough if it shows the exact steps to reproduce the issue
  4. System specs: dxdiag file is perfect for this see here for steps to do so
  5. DCS World logs: Logs can be found in the DCS folder in Saved Games in a folder called Logs. Please zip these and attach to your report post. DCS World also will collect and pack the needed files when the game crashes, you can send this, and it will include everything we need.
  6. Tacview: In some cases can be good to show us how to reproduce, or the conditions the bugs happened in, but they cannot be submitted to the team. So by themselves is not enough.


Additionally, for Terrain issues, you can now copy the camera position to your clipboard and share it with us, as pointed out by an external Tester, Stuka here: 



Why do we request track files?

The most often and obvious reason is that we simply cannot reproduce the issue. This is particularly true for network issues, but it spans all levels of the simulation. A track file is the clearest way to demonstrate a problem that is reproducible. We can use the track file to run in the debug tool so we can repeat the issue exactly as the client experienced it. If we create the track file ourselves, we may leave out an important step. By posting a track file, other users often help identify user errors before we can.


What we don't need

  1. We don't need unnecessary discussions, we don't mind people adding to a report if they experience the same thing and maybe have a different angle, but no chit chat
  2. We don't need attitudes, maybe you think its a silly bug, or it should have been fixed before release or whatever, we require mature constructive reports without the fluff. In some cases, non-native speakers might be reading these reports, make them as clear as possible without extras for them to try and understand
  3. We don't need theories or opinions on other peoples reports. If you know its a duplicate you can flag the post and a moderator can merge it, but please don't chit chat or debate reports
  4. Features are not bugs, we will have a wishlist for the new features, but we don't want reports asking for features, add-ons such as new airfields, new units, etc.
  5. Documentation can be helpful, but anything newer than 1980 is not allowed to be posted, linked or copy and pasted on these forums. If you have something you think ED needs to see, PM a team member or moderator.


Why is my bug report now closed?

If it was marked reported, this is standard for us, it means we have what we need and don't require any more information on the report.




MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (LOW graphics preset settings): OS 64-bit Windows 8/10; DirectX11; CPU: Core i5+ at 3+ GHz or AMD FX / Ryzen; RAM: 16 GB (32 GB for heavy missions); Free hard disk space: 120 GB on Solid State Drive (SSD); Discrete video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX VEGA 56 with 8GB VRAM or better; Joystick; requires internet activation.

RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS(HIGH graphics preset settings): OS 64-bit Windows 8/10; DirectX11; CPU: Core i5+ at 4+ GHz or AMD FX / Ryzen; RAM: 16 GB (32 GB for heavy missions); Free hard disk space: 120 GB on Solid State Drive (SSD); Discrete video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 / AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 or better; Joystick; requires internet activation.


RECOMMENDED VR SYSTEMS REQUIREMENTS (VR graphics settings): OS 64-bit Windows 8/10; DirectX11; CPU: Core i7-9700 / AMD Ryzen 3700X or better; RAM: 32 GB; Free hard disk space: 120 GB on Solid State Drive (SSD); Discrete video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080 Ti / AMD Radeon RX 5700 or better; Joystick; requires internet activation.

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