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[CLOSED] DCS 1.5 Problem with (0xc000007b) error


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Guys I just tried to play DCS 1.5, but I can't because this error (0xc000007b) happens when I click on "DCS"


OBS: I am using Steam version, I have friends that are already playing it.. they sent my photos and etc.. I just had this problem, I'm using Win 10 64bits, (the OS is new at my machine)


can you help me guys solve this little problem?



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Have you installed any mods as a friend had the same issue and removing old mods including sweetfx fixed missing dll errors.

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My PC specs: Win10 64 Pro, CPU i7-3820 4.4GHz, 16GB RAM, GPU Nvidia 1070 (8gb vram).

Controls: Microsoft FFB2, Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle, MFG Crosswind Pedals, TrackIR5.
My DCS Youtube Videos https://www.youtube.com/user/No64Bounder
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I had problems with DLL's and now it's not working..


"DCS.exe, the application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b)"




Help me guys.. please!! :( :( :(


Isn't the new, unified *.exe called "DCS_updater.ex" instead? In my DCS World Open Beta directory there is no "DCS.exe" anymore... Try running DCS_updater.exe instead....

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