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"Lost" my MiG-21 in version 1.5


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I funded the Indiegogo and got my registration key in Fall 2014, but stopped playing some time in the Winter. Because I didn't buy it on the DCS website, I don't have the option to just install it from module manager in version 1.5. The download on the DCS website is for 1.2.16 which obviously doesn't work. So as of now, I can't download it and play it on 1.5.


I have my old key from 2014 for verification, but obviously I'm not going to post it here. How do I get it?


EDIT: to clarify, I would have PM'd Cobra instead if I could, but your inbox is full.

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Quoting a post from SimHQ - perhaps you could try this?


Got ALL of my modules working using this method even tho the module installer in the Beta would not connect


1. you cannot copy the modules over

2. you can use the commandline to manually install each module


open dos window in beta \ bin



then paste in which ever of these you need


DCS_Updater.exe install F-86F


DCS_Updater.exe install MIG-15


DCS_Updater.exe install FC3


DCS_Updater.exe install UH-1H


DCS_Updater.exe install A-10C


DCS_Updater.exe install KA-50


DCS_Updater.exe install P-51D


DCS_Updater.exe install MI-8MTV2


DCS_Updater.exe install FW-190D9


DCS_Updater.exe install BF-109K4


DCS_Updater.exe install AVIODEV_C-101


DCS_Updater.exe install MIG-15BIS


DCS_Updater.exe install VEAO_HAWK


This will install each of the BETA versions of the module into you beta installation

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Okay, so it installed successfully. Where do I input my key? It let me start an instant action without one, but I imagine I'll have to do so at some point. The module manager tells me I don't have a key, but it doesn't let me write it in.


EDIT: nevermind, found it in the MiG-21 bin folder. No problems. Thread can be shut down now.

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I had to guess it because the file in question wasn't in the list posted above:


DCS_Updater.exe install MIG-21BIS


I couldn't get it to work at first but it's case sensitive so "MIG21-BIS" must be all caps



System Specs


Intel I7-3930K, Asrock EXTREME9, EVGA TITAN, Mushkin Chronos SSD, 16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws Z series 2133, TM Warthog and MFD's, Saitek Proflight Combat pedals, TrackIR 5 + TrackClip PRO, Windows 7 x64, 3-Asus VS2248H-P monitors, Thermaltake Level 10 GT, Obutto cockpit


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