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DCSBios and servos


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i try to do a test with the Dcsbios and different sizes of a servos. I don´t get them working, i am sure those 3 wires are correctly connected ( i check from Internet those wire colors) but nothing. I just copy example code and then i change this pin to 5. I try this with external power but nothing. I am not totally green with the DCSbios, i have working cmsp panel etc.etc. And i have been a radioamateur over 30 years, so electronics are not difficult to me understand.

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I had a lot of problems as well, trying to get the flap gauge working. Everything was OK with led's, but as soon I added a servo it stopped working.


Some months later I tried with a servo for my MIG-21, and then it was working perfectly fine. Don't know if I did something different, or if there is a bug with the A-10C flap indicator in DCS-BIOS?

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OK! at today i updating Arduino library, and now i will try test Arduino´s own example. This sweep example working....but after this, i try again with dcsbios flap example. nothing...was result

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Not working


I can confirm that the servo DCS A10 Flap example simply does NOT work. I have the latest version of DCS-BIOS from Github (v0.4.1). I have verified my servo is functioning flawlessly with the example Arduino IDE.


My servo spec sheet appears to be very similar to the one referenced in the DCS-BIOS code, with Pulse Width: 500-2400 µs. (http://www.servodatabase.com/servo/towerpro/sg90)


After >3 hours today trying to get it to work with DCS-BIOS, I give up. Either something is wrong in the DCS-BIOS documentation and/or the example code.


What a shame.:(:(

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DCS Bios Flaps working code


Well, as stated before.

* A-10 flag gauge - Doesn't work

* Any random MIG-21 gauge - OK

The same Arduino, the same servo.


So if anyone got the flap working, it would be interesting to get the details (software version, arduino board, code, servo etc).


/* use '#define DCSBIOS_DEFAULT_SERIAL' instead if your Arduino board

* does not feature an ATMega328 or ATMega2650 controller.



#include <Servo.h>

#include "DcsBios.h"


/* Declare a Master Caution Reset button on pin 10 */

DcsBios::Switch2Pos masterCautionBtn("UFC_MASTER_CAUTION", 10);

/* Make the LED connected to pin 13 into a Master Caution Light */

DcsBios::LED mcLed(0x1012, 0x0800, 13);

DcsBios::ServoOutput flapPos(0x10a0, 9, 1060, 150);

void setup() {




void loop() {




Latest DCS Bios software

Arduino Mega R3

Servo: Tower Pro micro servo 9g SG90

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