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  1. Where can I find more details about this mod?
  2. Well, in a future DCS we can do some kind of CAS with the HKP9/BO105 helo They used to be organized within the army, not the air force. Main task - striking MBT's coming from the east... It would be fun to have the SK60 in DCS though. (and the Lansen, and the Draken, and the Tunnan, and the Vampire, and the A21... the list goes on )
  3. Well, it will be possible (eventually) to connect most of the instruments and buttons (DCS-BIOS etc.) but that would be many hours of wiring Impressive none the less. Bravo!
  4. Were can I find the newsletters? For some reason I don't get the emails anymore. There is always a link in the email to a webpage, but I can't find a way to find the latest newsletters. Also tried to do a new subscription but that didn't help. Neither did I get the confirmation email. And no, they are not in the junk/spam folder. Other mails from noreply@digitalcombatsimulator.com goes through without any issues...
  5. Nice. If I had the time I would like to do something similar to the Swedish Saab Safir paint schemes :)
  6. Wow... been away for some weeks and I return to this :) Great to have you back Sgt Baker and we sure miss your software. This (3.0 version) would be the best thing for DCS next to the Viggen release ;)
  7. It wasn't that far away with Viggens, since we had the SWAFRAP AJS 37 unit standing by for international missions during a couple of years. But they were never sent anywhere before being disbanded at 2003.
  8. Imponerande! :) Somehow I have missed this thread until now... get's me inspired to continue with my DCS project I started a couple of years ago.
  9. I for sure second that the Viggen deserves a Baltic sea map to be complete. That is what it is built for and everything else is more or less wrong. However one not totally unrealistic scenario would be to have some of them in a United Nations operation, like the Balkan theater during early and mid 90's. It wouldn't be the first time the Swedish air force was flying UN marked jets ground pounding troops in a foreign conflict zone... I did serve as a UN soldier there, and I can promise that we wished for some Viggens in the sky, sitting in an old APC and getting fired upon by both sides in the conflict... So if there would ever be a Balkans map, that would be the first thing I would do in the Mission Editor :) A Balkans map could host a lot of historic and present aircrafts and would be great fun.
  10. Why are the maps upside down? When will we have southern Sweden and the F7 airbase in DCS? :thumbup: It would be really cool to have the knee board updated on the 3D model pilot body... just saying :music_whistling:
  11. Yes, we need a Heatblur Draken :joystick: Or a Lansen if we should get Jester to some good use in more planes than the F14.
  12. Yes, that has been discussed before. The switch has another function in the JA version. In that variant the switch is for the radio (FR-29), and the switch is for different modes (norm = Normal, mott = RX, sand = TX.)
  13. Not sure how much of this that is implemented in the sim, but here is from the real life Viggen manual (as sum up I did a long time ago): https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2664423&postcount=1028
  14. Yes, I got the same answer. Unfortunately that wasn't clearly stated in the E-shop.
  15. OK, thanks for the feedback. I'll just have to focus on work for some more days then ;)
  16. Well, the E-shop clearly says otherwise : Requires DCS World version 2.5.3 or above! "you only need to have the "Stable" version DCS World 2.5 installed on your PC." https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/mig-29_dcs_world/ So here I am, spent $15 and no plane to fly yet... and that sucks :(
  17. Once I do that I'll pull the trigger and spend the money to buy a licence for fly-elise. https://fly.elise-ng.net/
  18. I would like to play some AA units, like the Shilka. Is that playable in CA today? Perhaps I should buy that module and join some MP games...
  19. Not sure if this has been posted yet somewhere, but here is a video (not mine) showing the full set of Swedish fighter jets in the same formation. Personally I would love to see more of them than the Viggen in DCS :music_whistling:
  20. RB 04 at the center pylon is for ferry flights only. It can't be deployed from there.
  21. Nice flying, great video. Please share some details about the Music :)
  22. If that is true that would be really awesome :pilotfly:
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