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Narrowed down stuttering problem, need some help

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I figured out that when LockOn stutters and freezes it happens only when I am at low speeds over terrain. Such as when I am landing. The game will stutter, pause, freeze etc. when I am at idle above the ground and will do so for as long as I maintain that low speed, as soon as I kick in the afterburner, the game plays normally.

I have turned down some of the graphics and it made no difference. Any ideas? I had seen a post but cant find it where some people were disabling the sound from the ground objects in their config file, will that help and how do I do it?

THANK YOU for any help. It's killing me having this stuttering problem with the game. It is unplayable and I REALLY want to play Lock On :(

BTW my system is:

XP Pro with all the background apps disabled in MSCONFIG

AMD 64 1.8Ghz 3000+

1GB of RAM

nVidia 6600

Lock On: MAC 1.02


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Maybe it's cheap onboard soundcard that is causing problems? Did you try disabling it in BIOS?

I have none of these horrible stutters you describe.


Abitn AN7, Athlon 2500+ Barton (@3200+ 200MHz*11),

2*512MB DDR400

GF 6600GT 128MB AGP

SB Live! 5.1


Also I remember 1.02 had issues with lots of system.

I'm running 1.12a it is so far the most stable version ever.

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