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  1. You have to create the autoexec.cfg yourself, just make a new text file and rename it to that filename then edit and enter the command line.
  2. Nice video showing the AH-64 pit and the key
  3. Updated https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WwNRVk2cfNsUgPTUHhzsY6kCu2J-hrFF/view?usp=sharing
  4. Bump the Farclip in graphics.lua up to around 300000 from the default 150000 for your chosen visibility setting, that'll push the render distance out further.
  5. SSAO enabled in options? If so disable and see if they go away.
  6. oops dunno how I missed that, but be sure to check that you're applying this to DCS.exe and not DCS_updater.exe which the shortcut uses.
  7. Try right clicking on your DCS shortcut icon on desktop and going to properties, under compatibility tick the Disable full-screen optimisations box.
  8. If you have SSAO turned on it can cause this sometimes, look to see if you have it enabled or not.
  9. This is a VERY nice 'mod' worthy of a title of an official module, only found out about this yesterday and I'm glad I did!
  10. Try this out guys - extract the Config and MissionEditor folders to root install of DCS and allow merge/overwrite of files https://drive.google.com/file/d/17BpEMbAXc30rSFOXN3JMkvju7sYDrFHZ/view?usp=sharing I have created two new visibility settings within the options page of DCS - 'Ultimate' (x2 the draw distance of Extreme) and 'Insane' (4x the draw distance of Extreme) The problem with object 'pop-in' was solved by increasing the Instancer buffer values in terrainoptions41.lua.
  11. These textures are only for PG and Syria if you check the contents, they are edited textures not lua parameters - i'll need to reinstall the NTTR map to do the ones you want, I'll take a look this weekend.
  12. Hi all, to anyone still interested in this mod I have made a fresh version https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i64wpyu_4TSw0azkfFNNlrJlr7TNvGOk/view?usp=sharing I'll get around to updating first post once I get some time off work the next few days.
  13. Most servers are on Open Beta, if you're on 2.7.7 you won't see many servers http://updates.digitalcombatsimulator.com/
  14. I've found that reducing the dynamic2 parameter in graphics.lua to something alot lower helps with the FPS drops, not ideal but it's a stopgap.
  15. Even with stock you see ghosting, check out the edges of the drop tanks in this video at the start
  16. Tested for the past hour in 2.7.2 and all seems to be compatible with this version.
  17. Yeah I remember you leafer, welcome back
  18. Did anyone notice the much better looking water in the two videos Wags demoed today?
  19. While we wait for official changes from ED there is the shader edits mod that help with the water, both in terms of colour and reflectivity.
  20. @Gravy Jonesno idea mate I never use mod managers so I am unsure, best method to me is the direct application of files manually to the game directory - 99% of people who use this mod have no major issues. v0.96 is uploaded today with some minor adjustments to the water reflectivity brightness and a workaround for the black/white sparkly dots sometimes seen when camera is very low on water looking towards distant horizon.
  21. @Dave317 open grass.fx with Notepad++ and goto line 329: o.color.a *= input.params.z*1.5; // height scale by distance edit the figure above in bold to increase/decrease height. Also a heads up - mod pack v0.95 is uploaded in first post which includes an attempt of reducing the cloud reflections on water surfaces.
  22. For the distant shimmer - try bumping up your 'far_clip' parameter in graphics.lua to a higher amount, say 300000 just for a test.
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