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Meet the Team: 13 Years of RAZBAM Simulations


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WOW - Tim and I worked on a project together a long time ago and I lost touch with him... someone please tell him to check his PMs!!

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I have no doubt that the F-15 will be a very big commercial success. Approximately 60 - 80% of the DCS community will buy it. I think it will be a very good time to invest the profits in the company and hire a new programmer or two full-time programmers. This will allow for further rapid development of the company and you will not have to wait for: Bo-105, MiG-23 MLA, Mirage III-CJ, EE Lighting F.6, MiG-19S of the next decade or two of time. Investing in the company equals faster growth and it will be beneficial for everyone and for Razbam and for the DCS community. In general, I wish you good luck and fast development!

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