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Any naval Su-25 mod out there??


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No need for a hook on the 25 (25T anyways), just float her in and stick her down on the next, pop 'shute and break....loadsa room even when the T is winchester. Don't recall trying it in a vanilla 25 though...I suspect it'll be just as straightforward, the biggest consideration is speed/glideslope and you have no cues in the pit...even less cues in the vanilla versus the T, cos the T has a HUD which allows you to keep your eye on the target (deck)...the vanilla you have to look-down to see instruments = look away from the deck...:(


Sadly though, and to answer the original post, I don't believe there is a mod for the 25 to land on Kuz...and any 'edit' you did do to A/C would still not give you a tail-hook :(


We have a sort of a 'naval wing' in the vvs504 at the moment and I'm a Frog driver (primarily the T)....and I have to lower myself to flying the -33 just to get involved. I so wish the T had a tailhook etc and it was possible to take-off with any weapons!


487th Helicopter Attack Regiment, of the

VVS504 Red Hammers

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