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I cannot switch on the cockpit light

Burning Bridges

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Which version of the game? I've tested in 1.5.x and they do work allright, as long as You follow the instructions from the manual.


Just for a quick test - sitting in a cold&dark plane, flip the battery and nose light CBs on the right panel, and engine instruments CB on the left one. You should see the radio transceiver knob on the left being lit already. Rotate the left light knob and other white lights should start working. Rotate UV knobs on the right to the max, wait up to 2-3 seconds and the UV lights should pop-up (don't forget to turn them a bit down immediately afterwards, otherwise they'll blow in just a few next seconds). Mind You, all lights are rather poorly visible unless it's really dark outside.


Haven't tested in 2.0.x yet.

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I've found that if it's really dark finding things initially is a challenge. But there is always the flashlight function to help you get started until you can power up the other lights.

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